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Amaya Lucero Duties of a Ancient Egypt Slave

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Jaci Howard

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Amaya Lucero Duties of a Ancient Egypt Slave

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Duties of an Ancient Egypt Slave
Ancient Egyptians lived in mud and brick houses, that have floors packed with dirt.
Girl were nannies for wealthy and families.
Slaves had to wash the nobles or Pharaoh.
Slaves also had to dress nobles after their baths and whenever they needed.
If you were in a low ranking, you would be a house hold slave.
A bad part of a slave is that the present pharaoh will execute you to join him in the after life.
If slaves needed to pay off debts they could sell themselves.
Duties of an Ancient Egypt Farmer
If you were a villager you would automatically become a farmer.
As a farmer another duty is to retrieve water using a shaduff.
Pharaohs got wealthy peasants to work as farmers.
Farmers harvested grain, wheat, barley, figs, corn, pomegranets
and melons.
Duties of an Ancient Egypt Merchant
Ancient Egyptian merchants were more like traders.

Ancient egyptian merchants traded linen cloth, gold, papyrus, and jewelery.

Merchants traded in other countries.
Ancient merchants normally brought back cedar, wood, elephant tusks, panther skins, dead baboons and lions, and giraffe tails.
www.carlos.emory.edu-egyptian merchants

Ancient Egyptian Soldiers
Most of the egyptians that were soldiers, fought in foot unless you were a pharaoh fighting.
All egyptian soldiers had to carry weapons along with shields.
The weapons that they carried were spears, daggers, slings, and curved swords.
some of the soldiers wore armor but,all wore a linen skirt and a headdress.
They first started off as farmers, until they needed an army.
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