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My Favourite Sport

No description

Kush Patel

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of My Favourite Sport

Basketball By: Kush
Patel Why I like Basketball The reason to why I really enjoy basketball is because it is one of the most unique types of sports. When you describe basketball to someone who has never played it is quite hard to explain. This is because there are so many elements to it like dribbling, shooting, etc... It is also one of the most diverse sports in a way because there many ways you can be good at like assisting, dunking, etc... This accounts for why there are so many positions on the basketball court like point guard and many more. These are the key points to why I like game of basketball. My favorite Basketball Payer My favorite basketball player is LeBron James of the Miami Heat. He plays the position small forward but is able to play point guard, shooting guard, and power forward as well. He is extremely talented which is the reason to why he has three MVP (most valuable player) awards, a rookie of the year award and one finals MVP award. He is also very inspiring to me because he lived with his mom in a very poor neighborhood and never even had a basketball net growing up. Never the less he just worked hard towards his goal of becoming a basketball player and never let all the hurdles in his path crush his hard work and dedication. This to me is tremendously inspiring because it shows me that if your dedicated to conquering your goal than it's always possible no matter what the circumstance The Sport of Basketball Basketball was created in early December in 1891 (in the us state of Massachusetts) by Dr. James Naismith who was a Canadian physical education professor and instructor. He invented the game of basketball on a rainy day when he was trying to keep the gym class he taught at the YMCA active indoors.He thought of many ideas at first but they all were too tough or just not suited to play in a gymnasium. After a quite a bit of thinking he decided to nail a peach basket onto a ten foot poll. The game was first played with a soccer ball and there wasn't any dribbling involved. At first they would have to take the ball out manually from the peach basket when a team scored a point. Later they decided to take the bottom of the peach basket off and get the ball out with a dowel when ever a team scored a point. This small sport soon revolutionized into the sport we call basketball today. Now basketball has its own ball, net, etc... and it has become a sport that is played world wide Why You Should Play Basketball All of you are aware that basketball is a sport but the main reason to why you should consider playing it is because it keeps you fit and provides you with daily physical activity. Children that are between six and seventeen years of age need one hour or more of physical activity a day and playing basketball is a fun way to achieve this. It is proven that playing one hour of basketball a day can loose you 630-750 calories a day! Other benefits of playing basketball include helping you build your endurance and stamina, it builds up strength and muscle, it tests your balance and coordination and helps you improve your concentration and reflexes. Basketball is not just for exercise, there are many other skills that can be learned through playing basketball like being a team player and cooperating with others. Some other skills basketball teaches you are being aware of your surroundings and sharing things with others. These skills come in handy in all sorts of places and not just in basketball. If you think basketball is the sport for you than all you need is a basketball and a net (which can be found in many local parks) to get started. Try basketball today and take the many advantages that come with it! Thank You For Watching and
Hope You Enjoyed! Interesting Facts - There are five positions on the basketball court which are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center
- Basketball was made into an official olympic sport in the 1936 summer games of Berlin, Germany
- The most professional or highest association in basketball is called the NBA which stand for the National Basketball Association
- The most points scored by a single player in a basketball game was 100 points which were scored by Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia) on March, 2 1962
-The Boston Celtics have the most NBA championships, they have won 17 NBA championships
- Slam dunks were considered illegal in the year of 1967 and became legal nine years later
- 1982 is the year in which the first basketball game took place, the court was half the size of one today and only one point was scored throughout the game
- Some basketball legends are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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