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My Personal Creed

No description

Joanne Mae Lagazo

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of My Personal Creed

Don't be who you aren't be you because Jesus made YOU!
I believe that God the Father is all powerful and almighty. He is the creator of heaven and earth. He has a plan for each and everyone of us.
Whenever I am in a hard time God will help me get through it.
We are the children of God.
My Personal Creed
I believe in one, holy, apostolic Church
I believe that my goal in life is to be an apostle and help as many people, and spread the word of God. I believe that God brought us here to help others.
God wants us to be an apostle that leads others to good.
Jesus is our savior who gave up his life to free us from our sins!
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