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Energy Career Cluster

No description

Jolyn Collins

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Energy Career Cluster

Energy Career Cluster
3rd Grade Career Development #1
Each year, you will take a look at 3 or 4 different jobs that fit in the same CLUSTER.

In 3rd grade, our first Career Cluster is the Energy Cluster!

So what is energy, anyways?
Energy is the ability to do work.
When we move something by pushing or pulling, we are doing work.
Energy is necessary for anything to move or change.
Jobs in this cluster involve people learning how to PRODUCE and USE lots of different forms of ENERGY!
Experiment #1
Rub your hands together really fast. What do you feel?
What kind of energy is this?
Experiment #2
Place a small piece of paper on your desk. Blow on that paper. What happens? What kind of energy is this?
Watch this video!

Line Worker
Power Plant Operator

What careers are highlighted?
Do you think you might want to work in this type of industry?
Why or why not?
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