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A peek into the Filipino Culture

No description

Maria torregosa

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of A peek into the Filipino Culture

A peek into the Filipino Culture
What foods are indicative of your culture?
Filipino Adobo
Lecheon (Roasted Pig)
Most meals are served over
Who did I interview?
She is the 1st generation to immigrate to the U.S.
Moved to N.J. once she graduated as a nurse at the age of 21.
From a small town named Tondo in the Philippines.
My Mother
Ethnic Background
Full Filipino.
Tagalog dialect.
Religion: Raised as a Catholic.
Socioeconomic status: Middle Class
How many meals do they eat a day?

Sinigang, Arozcaldo, Pinakbit, etc.
Pork BBQ, Menudo,
Three meals with snacks in between meals.
What makes a meal for my mom?
Carbs: Rice or bread.
Protein: Chicken, beef, or pork.
Vegetables: Simple salad or specific veggies, such as bok choy, broccoli, or tomatoes in soy sauce.
What major Holidays does our family celebrate?
December 25th/ December 31st
Celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus.
Getting ready for the New Year.
Filipino decorations: Parole
Christmas/New Years
Celebrating the rise of Jesus.
Big family get together.
Death Anniversaries of Family members
Set food out for ancestors that have passed.
Celebrating their death anniversaries always reminds us honor them.
Put pictures out and keep food around them for a week.
Who and where does everyone share their meals?
My family always says:
A family that eats together, stays together.
Served family style
Whichever times best suit the meal being eaten.
In Dining rooms or at the kitchen tables.
Cultural influences and Symbolic meanings
Moving to the U.S. introduced my mom to plenty of other ethnic foods.
ex: Thai, Italian, and especially Japanese.
She loves SUSHI!
Outside influences
Pancit: long noodles= long life
Rice cakes: round food= prosperous for money in the upcoming year.
Fruit= fruitful year for everyone in the family
Lecheon: roasted pig= big special celebration
Symbolic Meanings
American Cultural influence
She saw similarities with the fried, oily, unhealthy foods.
Helped her become more aware of the types of food she was consuming.
Decided if cooking filipino food, to substitute certain ingredients for healthier choices.
Big family get together.
Celebrated as an American Holiday.
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