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Ukraine Crisis

No description

Ahmed Soliman

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Ukraine Crisis

Current Events:
Ukrainian Crisis

By Ahmed Soliman
What Happened?
-Russian backed Ukrainian president was ousted from office
-Goes to Russia and allows Russian military intervention in Ukraine
-Russia sends 150,000 troops to the Crimea region of Ukraine, a predominately Russian speaking region.
-Putin claims he is protecting the Ukrainians of Russian ethnicity, until peace in the country is returned
-Denouncements and sanctions on Russia start on an international level
A Closer Look at the Situation
Relation to Canada
-Estimated 1,209,085 Ukrainians are Citizens of Canada
-First western country to recognize Ukraine as an independent nation, on December 2nd, 1991
-Canadian Embassy opened in Kiev, on January 27th, 1992, Ukrainian Embassy opened October that year
-Most Ukrainians migrated to Canada in 3 big waves, the first wave being (1891-1914) and the second being (1923-1939) and then from (1945-1952)
-Many High Level visits between countries.
Canada's Reaction
-Canada summoned Russia's ambassador to Canada to convey it's concern directly
-Canada sent unarmed military observers into Ukraine
-Canada is still deciding whether to enforce sanctions against Russia
-Canada canceled the G8 summit preparations in Sochi
-Canada recalled it's ambassador to Russia
Discussion Questions
1. Do you think Russia has the right to enter the Crimea region of Ukraine? Why or why not?

2. Do you think other countries should intervene in Ukraine? What type of intervention?

3. What are the possibilities of a third major war resulting from this Crisis?
Importance to Canada
-Canada is known as a peacekeeping country
-1/30 of Canadians are Ukrainian
-Canada will be judged by the Canadian Ukrainians on it's reaction to this issue
Why did I pick this topic?
-Ukrainian President abandons agreement to strengthen ties with the EU
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