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Data Architecture

No description

Shanta Nathwani

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Data Architecture

Pages vs. Posts
Data Architecture
Can I Get You Some Menus With that?
Main Idea
Posts vs. Pages & Categories vs. Tags. There is so much confusion about what types of things should be put on a page and what should be in a post. Static vs. Dynamic content is the best way to tackle this. When creating a website, you can edit a menu to include not only pages, but also category archives that can create a more complete experience.
About Me
If we have time, we'll have questions after the presentation.
I'll be in the break out room following the presentation for further questions
Tags vs. Categories
Shanta R. Nathwani, B.Com., MCP
Instructor, Sheridan College
About Me
Categories vs. Tags
WordPress Menus
Pages vs. Posts
Instructor, Web Design (CCIT) at Sheridan College
Bachelor of Commerce in Info Tech Mgmt., Ryerson University
Diploma in Network Administration & Webmaster, York College of Info. Tech.
Independent IT and Social Media Consultant
Clients include NPOs, Real Estate, Software Development, Health and Political Sectors
Twitter: @TantienHime
Website: http://shanta.ca
Email: shanta@shanta.ca
Used to put down all the pieces of information that you want to put on your website
Later on, you may want to colour (yes, I'm Canadian!) code them into categories and pages
During the presentation today, start filling in those post-its with your ideas of what you want on the site. You may not finish it today, but it will give you a start.

Post-it Notes are
your friends!
An Example
Quick over view of each, but more will be shown during the demo at the end.

Watch here:
Static information for the most part
“About Us” is a great example
Does not use Categories
Can have sub-pages
Dynamic Information
Time Sensitive
Uses Categories & Tags
"Upcoming Events" or "Events Attended" are good examples
Describes the content using keywords
WordPress recommends 5-7 on a post

Major classifications for information
“Events” is a great example
Can have sub-categories (much like pages)
Menus can contain:
Categories (sometimes called “Category Archives”)
External Links

WordPress Menus
The number of menus that are supported depend on the theme you choose, so do that first!

Since 3.6, you can now choose what menu goes where (main, sidebars). Again, dependant on the theme.
WordPress Menus
Now let's see it live!
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