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Sound Within Film

No description

Lucey Del

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Sound Within Film

Sound Within Film
Starter task:
How much do you know about film soundtracks?

Listen to the music and identify the film!!

The most obvious is the
The second element is sound
coming from within the film.
Diegetic sound:
This is sound coming from within the world of the film (dialogue, objects within the film etc.)
Non-diegetic sound:
This is sound coming from outside the world of the film (Film score, voice over and sound effects added in during the editing process).
Learning intention:
To learn new terminology related to sound within film

Write 25-1 down the margin in the back of your books
A film's soundtrack is made up of 3 main elements.
Film score:
Music specifically written to accompany a film.
The third element is sound coming from

outside of the film.
Watch the clip and identify the diegetic and non-diegetic sounds.

Sounds from within the film world
Sounds not from the world of the film (added after)
One thing to be careful of!
If you hear music, it isn't automatically non-diegetic, watch this and see....
All 3 elements of the soundtrack
are important, but the one that seems to have most effect on the audience is the
A film score enhances the audiences viewing experience and adds tension/emotion to certain parts of the film.
A huge amount of work goes in to creating the film score and without it, the film would be flat.
(A film soundtrack is made up of songs
that have already been written)
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