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Introduction + CSS + Prezi

No description

AT3 Team

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Introduction + CSS + Prezi

The CSS editor can be launched from the menu or…
... with use of keyboard shortcuts:


Make sure that the text edition window isn't open, otherwise you will insert symbols instead of launching the Editor.
The content of the CSS window can be scrolled with use of the mouse scroll wheel or arrow keys (1).

You can freely move the editor window around the screen by 'grasping' the blue frame (2).

You can also change its shape and size by 'grasping' the small triangle(3).

This is important because…
If the text edition window is open, it is impossible to introduce changes to the CSS.
Why use the CSS Editor?
While introducing changes in the CSS Editor the syntax has to be maintained.

If you are not a programmer, you must assume that all elements are important: spaces, semicolons, brackets, etc
If you make a mistake and change the syntax, it is likely that the CSS Editor won't allow you to introduce the changes.

In such case it is enough to close (1) and restart the CSS.

But it's better to play it safe.

To confirm changes, press 'Apply'.
The 'Enter' key does not work.

Changes in the CSS refer to the whole presentation.

Bear this in mind while introducing changes, so that they don't cause damage to other frames.

Copy the CSS content to the Notepad. This will always allow you to return to the situation before changes.
1. Frames 2014.04.22
Basic information about the CSS Editor
Use the mouse to 'grasp' and move the image and the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You will see which parts of the CSS presentations are ready.
new: 2014.04.22 Frames
thank you for watching
The objective of this series of presentations is to explain the operation of the CSS Editor. This is a general presentation.
In time, subsequent presentations will be prepared, containing the description of fonts, frames, arrows etc.

The miniature will always display the date and title of the last added presentation. On the next slide – a full list with links.

The next part of this presentation discusses some basic information about CSS.
CSS (in Prezi) enables a wide scope of modifications
of fonts, colours and shapes used in presentations. For example, the colour scheme may be chosen to match the logotype.
What is the aim of this presentation?
List of detailed presentations:
2014.04.08 Background

2. Background 2014.04.08
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