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Destination Exhilaration Reward

Pablo Mariani

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of DEA

Desafíos How to improve Destinations’ Competitiveness while enhancing Tourists’ Satisfaction levels:
How do we choose our target market / tourists?
What do they want? (what vs. how & where) what do they come to our destination for
How do we inspire them to choose our destination versus the competition
Where do they buy their ideal vacation
What makes my destination WOW unique, superior and the preferred choice for my chosen target market
what are our main key differentiating factors (key success factors)
how do we enhance them so that we bring them to their highest potential (and get the most out of them)
if we don’t have them; how do we develop them, can we develop them, or If not, can we substitute them? For what?

AND how do we address and act upon all these issues in an efficient, effective & sustainable manner!
Nuevo Escenario "Meno":
Menor Ocupación
Menores Precios
Menos Viajeros
Menos Pernocationes
Menos Rentabilidad
Menos Reinversiones
Menos Calidad Otros:
Segmentos en Recesión
Obsoletización de Establecimientos
Oferta que supera Demanada
Competencia (desleal?)
Baja en nivel Social del Visitante
Dispercion de Estrategias, Recursos, Energía, etc... The Ideal Vacation Who makes it possible?

A vacation involves all the experiences between the moment you leave home until the moment you come back, as well as your interaction with all destination agents during this period, including:

the hotel tourists stays in
the car rental company
cab that takes the tourist to and from the hotel
the restaurants he chooses to eat at
the beaches he spends the day at
the newsstand where he buys his newspaper in the morning
the cafe across the street where he goes for a coffee and internet connection to stay in touch with the rest of his life
Princeton says that a vacation is: “leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure”

We say the Ideal Vacation is the one that exceeds one’s expectation; has to be WOW!
a - everywhere I stayed , visited, ate and shopped at was beautiful, decent, safe, fun, comfortable & clean
b - everyone I encountered during my vacation treated me with the same (very high) level of generosity, service, information, joyfulness & respect
c - the price I paid for the different goods & services, was as per the quality I received
d - the level of hygiene and safety was impeccable everywhere I went
e - every place looked authentic and reflected the local culture, history & values
How can we guarantee the Ideal Vacation?

We can control quality standards in certain players:
Hotel Infrastructure
Beaches cleanliness, security and infra
Our streets
Our aisports
what about the rest? DEA> Destination Exhilaration Award

We can control quality standards in certain players:
Hotel Infrastructure
Beaches cleanliness, security and infra
Our streets
Our aisports
what about the rest? DEA Definition: Destination Exhilaration Award is a clear set of well defined "tourists satisfaction standards" covering all key "Destination attributes", as defined by tourists preferences Destination Attributes:
Conaiatencia en sus valores
lenguaje de comunicacion

HOW will it work?
Certified actors would have to:

comply with standards set forth by Certifying body for its particular category (hotel, taxi, bar, cafe, excursion)

participate in periodic “destination Know-How” courses which would teach how to exceed tourists expectations, so that they could help tourists with directions, events programmes, as well as guidance on a variety of services in the destination. This course should include “hosting etiquette” such us knowing how to properly greet the tourist (greeting and smiling 101?), few words in the tourist language and the like (welcome to my island... how is your trip so far... anything else I can help you with, such as directions, best places for this and that?, etc)

being periodically monitored by Destination inspectors to maintain / renew the certification

comply with socially responsible and environmental good practices requirements
Customers Who Where How Canales Social Media Canales de Compra Canales de Inspiracion Compra What:
Productos que responde al que...
A que vienen a nuestro destino
hotel no importa; ej: shopping urbano en Europa
Activity driven (not destination or hotel driven)
Que quiero hacer vs donde quiero ir Where How Blogs Implementacion Comunicacion What's hot! In RealTime Billboards Mobile Internet Loyalty passport Customer based Raiting Systems
1 to 5 stars based on customers reviews Loyal
Repeatr vs referenciador Dynamic vs Static
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