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Fergie Ferg

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of Revision

Race and the media

Cultural Appropriation

Post Colonialism (Gilroy)
A society's history with race informs how race is represented in the media.

Some countries have colonised others in the past whilst some countries have been colonised.

Other races and cultures are shown as 'other'
Moral Panics - Stanley Cohen 1972
Moral Panics begin when there is a projection of fears that surround a particular group or thing.
Debate - Is positive discrimination in the media beneficial to minority groups?
More than one point of view
What are there moral panics about in the media?
Debate - does the media cause moral panics or does it just reflect reality?
More than one point of view
Does the media ever reflect reality?
Does the media cause moral panics or does it just reflect reality? [12 marks]
Point addressing the question



How to Phrase - Create a moral panic (Cohen)
Including a minority in a smaller role to look diverse
Using elements of a different culture in a casual/disrespectful way. Using a culture but not providing opportunities for that culture.
Casting roles that should be played by an ethnic minority with a white person.
How to write about Post Colonialism
From a post colonialist perspective, Black Panther showcases a fictional African Nation that has never been colonised. The country has developed with it's own tradition and culture rather than Western influences and highlights the amount of 'lost culture' there has been because of colonisation. This could be due to the film having an african American director and screen writer - the first in the marvel universe. You could argue that a white director might not have been able to present this perspective.
Black actors take centre stage in the film rather than being in smaller roles and african dress and culture is celebrated rather than presented as 'other.'
From a post colonialist perspective, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is reflective of Britain's historical past with India. Just as in the past when Britain colonised India, here we see a cast of white British characters using India for their own purposes - self discovery, peace, etc - all which show India in the stereotypical way of being mystical and 'other.' Opportunities to look at India in a more modern way are squandered. Dev Patel, who is British, uses an Indian accent and plays a stereotype rather than getting to be a fully rounded character.
Positive discrimination can just lead to tokenism
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