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Glasgow Doors Open Day Marketing Toolkit

Quick overview of the Marketing Toolkit

Glasgow Doors Open Day

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Glasgow Doors Open Day Marketing Toolkit

Glasgow Doors Open Day Marketing Toolkit
About Glasgow Doors Open Day 2013
The aims and objectives of the event can be found at
Annual Built Heritage Festival
Part of the National Doors Open Days
Provides an opportunity for you to engage with the community and market your building
Themes this year:
Year of Natural Scotland
The Commonwealth Games

Glasgow Doors Open Day Marketing Toolkit 2013
#Glasgow #DoorsOpenDays
and join the


For all queries and concerns, contact Ruth Morris (Events and Development Coordinator) at
0141 554 4411

This toolkit provides all the information and materials needed to successfully promote your Doors Open day event and ultimately take advantage of this marketing opportunity
Logos and Guidelines
The logo should be used by organisatons when promoting Glasgow Doors Open Days
The logo can be used for brand promotion and publicity, by any participating building and/or event listed this year
The logo can be used across all types of communications including print collateral, online and print advertising
When used the logo should not be altered
When using the logo online, a link should be made to: www.glasgowdoorsopenday.com
To access the logos, please download the link:
Posters, Brochures and Banners
To help publicise your event and Glasgow Doors Open Day, posters and banners are available. Please display these whenever and wherever possible.
You can either download these as a pdf. or use online/ in digital media.
printed copies of the A4 and A3 posters and A5 brochures are available from GBPT (please note, your requested quantities will be delivered in early August
If you would like additional copies please contact Ruth
Posters and Banners Available
A4 Posters
A3 Posters
A5 Brouchers
Facebook Banner
TV Screen
TV Widescreen
Cross Promotion
During the event, promote other Doors Open day events nearby, see map: www.glasgowdoorsopenday.com/map

Communicate with other events to create a mini 'tour' to advertise to visitors where to go next. The hope is that someone else will do the same!
distribute to surrounding venues (schools, businesses, shops, cafes, waiting rooms etc.)

Ask them to put them on their digital screens by providing them with the digital copies
Top Tips and Tricks for Promoting your Event
distribute to surrounding venues (schools, businesses, shops, cafes, waiting rooms etc.)
get them to highlight your event to their customers by having the brochure open on your page
Social Media
Shout out about your Doors Ope Day event

Connect with us and ask us to retweet/share/repin so we can also highlight you to our followers
send an email to your connections

give a direct link to your event web page
Free Listings
List your event on a free listing websites
Always include a link back to your event on www.glasgowdoorsopenday.com so that they can get more information
Top Tips and Tricks for Promoting your Event
Press Release
Send a press release to your local paper/organisations to ask them to write a piece

For tips on press releases see: http://www.doorsopendays.org.uk/opendays/resources.aspx?category=10
Display Prominently

Give away to children
Marketing Tools
We have provided a range of tools for you to download and therefore promote your event via the Doors Open Day Brand
Media- Press Release
There are a number of press releases that will be issues to the media in the run up to Glasgow Doors Open Day. These will be available at: www.glasowdoorsopenday.com/press
If you would like these to be sent to your email address as and when they are written please add yourself to the press mailing list on the same page.
Banner (for events taking place in one location)
Display Prominently

For some, a promotional banner will be provided to be displayed 4 weeks in advance. if you think your building would particularly lend to this, please contact us.
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