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Superstitions Mountain Compilation VFE

Why do the Superstition Mountains look the way they do?

Don Haas

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Superstitions Mountain Compilation VFE

Blank Ecology Graphic Organizer Google Earth File Additional project resources Superstition Mountains VFE Abstract Geologic Map of Arizona Find geologic state maps in Google Earth format here:
http://tin.er.usgs.gov/geology/state/ Important
Details Link to another Prezi focused on the connections between ecology & geology here:
http://prezi.com/c9elmlm01p6a/ecology-and-superstition-mountains/ Download a PowerPoint focusing on the geology of the Superstitions here:
http://wiggio.com/yui/folder/stream_file.php?doc_key=Sx0dhz0JVYdzw8BDOpVwDLAAumeIWGoxgR6CNpmrgaI= Download a PowerPoint that explores the role of water in shaping the Superstition Mountains here: http://wiggio.com/yui/folder/stream_file.php?doc_key=uTM7MojEVNohSCQAtoUbnAr8+9sg8Hmalp+bTs8zSoM= See a Prezi that explores how the Superstition Mountains came to be here: http://prezi.com/p7lm2oxfyrc2/the-lay-of-the-land/ Download a PowerPoint that explores a thousand years of climate history in the Superstition Mountains here: http://wiggio.com/yui/folder/stream_file.php?doc_key=g1qDR18T+Yp15Rqyr7PUBjIDBohZfyL7nsirDtmZYLw= See a short Prezi on how water shapes the rocks here:
http://prezi.com/s2ey_nykvzou/superstition-mountains/?auth_key=c4eb72a58e6c4b782db4dc723f2f7036f6c9eb83 A National Geographic Picture of the Day. Pretty sweet.
http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/lightning-superstition-mountains-pod/ The Superstitions Virtual Fieldwork Experience pulls together the work of the educator-participants in Regional and Local (ReaL) Earth Inquiry Project. The graphic organizer (the last stop in the Prezi) has a set of sets of questions all under the project's driving question:

The path through the Prezi ends with the graphic organizer, but that doesn't mean users should stop once they arrive there. There are links to further things to explore within the graphic organizer. At this writing, that's in the form of other Prezis and PowerPoint presentations to download. A Google Earth file is also included, though note that addresses more than one question from the graphic organizer and is placed off to the side. A product of ReaL Earth Inquiry
PRI & its Museum of the Earth,
and our great teacher-participants Download the Google Earth file here:
http://wiggio.com/yui/folder/stream_file.php?doc_key=qopvIgeWCYr+OAwE7rLv1b8rlPuZr95SPouM82SkWNE= An abstract needs to be written for this VFE.
The abstract should:
Be 75 to 200 words in length;
Describe the nature of the site's geology and/or ecology;
Describe the technology used in the VFE and the educational approach used.
include an estimate of how long it will take to complete,
Note if parts of the VFE may be productively used without completing the entire VFE. Requirements Why does this place look the way it does? Abstract:
Using Prezi, PowerPoint & Google Earth this VFE represents the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The VFE is a product of a collaboration amongst the educator-participants at the workshop held there in Summer 2011. Located approximately 30 miles (50 km) east of Mesa, Arizona, the Superstitions include several calderas in the Sonoran Desert. Rock in the area is primarily volcanic, but also includes metamorphic and sedimentary. The VFE includes components that may be explored as standalone activities appropriate for environmental science and Earth science courses. Different components are appropriate for different grade levels ranging from elementary to undergraduate. Geologic Provinces of Arizona Blank Geoscience Graphic Organizer https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-IFZh6HFj9Nc/TnvrF8pwkOI/AAAAAAAAFWk/OO23VcQhw2E/s720/Transparent_Graphic_Organizer.png https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-6mvkWElztls/To5jSQ3a5pI/AAAAAAAAFYk/32uipEODbp4/s720/Ecology_Graphic_Organizer.png Use these! Follow the adjacent links to use in your own VFEs. Big Ideas http://virtualfieldwork.org/Big_Ideas.html Associated Handout - Geoscience http://virtualfieldwork.org/downloadabledocs/Generic_VFE_questions.doc Download the file in Microsoft Word. Prezi VFE Template Go to:
http://prezi.com/xfiwcchax-1q/vfe-template/ Why do the Superstition Mountains look the way they do? Why does this place look the way it does?
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