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Washington Road Trip

No description

Olivia Van Rens

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Washington Road Trip

Lake Crescent
This morning I woke up and was almost blinded by the sun. Wait… sun? How? We were in a … I looked around purple blobs spotting my vision. When I could finally see again I saw Katelyn holding a flashlight. “Oh, “ I said half dreaming, “so it wasn’t the sun.” After explaining what had happened, Katelyn and I laughed in front of the fire in the lodge. She was drinking coffee (her favorite) and I was drinking hot chocolate (mine),we then decided to head up to
Lake Crescent
and go swimming for a little bit. We packed all our stuff and drove onto highway US-101. When we got closer to the Lake, we were engulfed in large Pine Trees everywhere. We drove up to the parking lot and jumped out the car. We read the sign that said that we had to hike to the lake. We started up the hike and walked for about a mile. When we were almost done with the hike, we climbed up onto a rock and saw the lake! It was
glistening like a crystal on a wedding ring.
We finished the hike sprinting and found a spot to lay our towels down. We ran on the dock and jumped off! After a long but refreshing swim, we headed to the car to go to the next leg on our journey.
I woke up at about 8:30 to the lovely sound of birds chirping and the warm morning sun
in through my window curtains. I eagerly rushed down the stairs to find a delicious looking plate of bacon and eggs sitting at my spot at the table, which was gone in two minutes. I hurriedly got dressed ,putting on the first thing I could find, and rushed to stuff my bags in the back of my mom’s silver Honda pilot and headed over to Olivia’s house. Once we had gotten there I loaded my stuff into the back of Olivia’s dad’s Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and sat down in the back seat next to Olivia and buckled my seat belt. We were on are way to the Olympic national park in Sequim. Once we started to leave we turned into WA-18 W and took the interstate 5 S exit. We drove towards Bremerton and continued on WA-16 W. we had been driving for about thirty minutes until I became desperately hungry and insisted we must pull up to the nearest Burger King drive-through. After devouring a big whopper, a large fry and a chocolate milkshake we started on our journey once again. We passed the puget sound and then after we had been on the road for a bit we merged on to WA-3 N and turned left onto WA-104 W. We drove 15 miles until we entered US-101 N and turned on to Dryke Road. And after another mile of driving, we had reached our destination.
Katelyn Campbell
Olympic national park
was absolutely breathtaking, but the parking was terrible. As soon as we managed to find an empty space we pulled in and hopped out of the car. We walked to the nearest trail head and started on a 3 mile hike to
Rialto Beach
. As we walked through the trails, Olivia and I noticed many different species of plants like western hemlock, and red alder. During the hike we even saw an elk and a northern spotted owl! When we arrived at the beach we unpacked our picnic lunch and sat down on the rock ground to eat our peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. the waves crashed at our feet, and soon our shoes were soaked After we had eaten our sandwiches we played around on the beach for a bit, then packed up our stuff and headed back to the car. We drove back to the hotel that we were staying in called Lost mountain lodge, ate dinner, then went to bed.

Katelyn Campbell
Olympic National
After swimming at
Lake Crescent
we got into the car and started driving to
Mt. Rainer National Park.
We just got out of town when Katelyn needed her coffee break. So we stopped by at a café and fed her need. When we were finally ready to go, we headed out. After driving onto Highway US-101 we started getting REALLY bored, so we did what any somewhat sane person would do, we turned on Nirvana. 3 and a half hours later, we saw a sign that said ‘Welcome to Mount Rainer National Park”! After turning off the highway, we drove onto the road that would lead us to the mountain, immediately;
we were surrounded by large green trees that looked like the city of emerald in the wizard of oz
. Katelyn and I looked up, mesmerized as we saw the mountain come into view. It had blue and purple peaks, and the snow almost seemed to sparkle when we looked at it. ”Wow” we both said at the same time, “its amazing”. We were so excited to have reached our destination!
Mt. Rainer National Park
Mt. Rainier
We just did a hike around
Mt. Rainier
! It was amazing to see all of the trees and wildlife! After the hike we looked up all the names of the plants and animals we had seen. On the hike we had seen a family of deer! The female had come so close to us! After taking what seemed like a million pictures, the deer moved on,
marching like a band of soldiers
. It was so peaceful! Later, we walked into a meadow of wildflowers, we could smell all the pestemons ( a purple flower). After hiking for an hour, we headed down to Paradise Inn. The inn was really nice to stay for the night, and the gift shop was fun too! I’m heading out to bed to rest for tomorrow!

Walla Walla
We woke up at 9:00 in the morning at paradise inn and packed our stuff to get ready to go to Walla Walla then headed down to the breakfast hall. After breakfast we loaded our stuff into the car and started off to
Walla Walla
The trip would be 222.2 miles and would take 4 hours until we got to our destination. After we pulled out of the inn at we drove for a few miles and then turned right onto WA-123 S then turned left onto US-12 E. We then took exit 102 and merged into I-182 E and continued towards Richland. We took US-12 E and then turned on the 2nd ave. exit toward city center, and after less than a mile we arrived at Walla Walla. By the time we got there my legs were stiff from sitting in the car, and I was desperately starving. We parked the car on the shoulder of the road and
dashed to the nearest diner
. For lunch I had a burger with pickles, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and it was topped with famous Walla Walla sweet onions. Olivia had a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce and onions. After that we headed to a small cluster of shops to
burn time
before going back to the hotel. After a few hours, it was time to go to the Marcus Whitman hotel. Once we were there, we ate dinner, then went to bed.
Palouse Falls
We just left
Palouse Falls
! It was so much fun to see the falls. I still remember hearing the water crashing against the rocks! After we got into the car we drove onto highway WA-260 for 74 miles. When we were on the highway, we looked out the window and we saw the
Snake River
! We got off of the highway and passed a sign that said, “Kennewick”. When we rolled in to town, we passed a shopping center and a small collection of shops. We are about to decide where to go next!
Today we are going to go to
Palouse falls
Lacrosse, WA
. We left the hotel at 10:00 a.m. and we arrived at 11:30. We started on road US-12 E and drove for about 40 miles, then we turned into WA-261 N, then after 20 miles we turned into the falls. After we got out of the car, we hiked up a small to the waterfall.
was the only sound we could hear over the rushing sound of the water fall. It was beautiful.
Its glistening icy blue waters cascaded over the horseshoe shaped rock it flowed through
. We sat along the rocks and munched on snacks we had packed earlier. We hung around the falls for about 3 hours, and after
taking enough pictures to fill a scrapbook
, we headed back to the car.
We woke up the sun shining through the blinds. Well, I woke up. Katelyn was still snoring in her bed. I threw a pillow at her and it hit her in the head. “What…” She said VERY groggily, and still she wouldn’t get out of bed. “Katelyn! I smell Coffee! “ I said hoping it would work “WHAT!?!? Where?!?! I call it!”
she shot out of bed.
“Just joking , I replied, but then told her there was coffee downstairs. So we got dressed in 1 second and ran down stairs, where breakfast was waiting. After breakfast, we got into the car and drove 15 minutes up to
Red Mountain
. Red Mountain is in the Tri-cities. When we were on the drive we saw the
Columbia river
! We pulled into the parking lot and got ready for a hike on the mountain.
Kennewick to
Red Mt
It is 12:00 and we just pulled out of the parking area for
Red Mountain
onto NF-4312 and then after 1 mile we turned left onto NF-4308. We traveled for a few miles than turned onto Salmon La Sac Rd. After traveling 15.4 miles through roads WA-903 S, W Nevada Ave, WA-903 S, We turned right on to N Oakes Ave. and continued onto W Russ Street. After 0.4 miles we merged onto I-90 E and drove 195 miles. After that Olivia and I were seriously hungry so we stopped at a small diner along the road and ate cheese pizza for lunch. We took exit 280 towards Lincoln Street and turned on W 4th Ave. we then turned on to main Ave. and to our happy relief saw the now entering Spokane sign. We drove and pulled to the Davenport hotel and got out of the car to stretch our legs. It was 3:34 so we went to the local shops for a hour and then headed to
Manito Park.
Manito park
we sat under the small gazebo and gazed out at the beautiful flowers all in rows. After spending 2 hours there we headed back to the hotel at 6:30. After that we ate dinner played a few games of cards, and then went to bed.
After a great time in Spokane, we headed down to Okanogan to go see the
National Forest
. We left the
Spokane River
and then got onto Highway US-2 W. It took us almost 3 hours to drive to the city. When we were pulling into town we passed
Omak Lake
. It was as
blue as a blueberry
! By the time we got there, we didn’t have time to see the forest. So, we decided that we would go to the hotel and see the forest tomorrow!

Mount Spokane
Today we are going to
Mount Spokane
. We got into the car at 9am and then started our trip. When we got to the mountain it was about 10:02a.m. We got out of the car and walked up to the sign with directions to the trails. We took trail #130 up to the mountain. As we walked along I saw a small creek that was surrounded by trees and
emerald colored moss that glistened with moisture.
We kept walking until Olivia pointed out a white tailed deer about 100 feet away from us, but as soon as it saw us it bolted. We kept on walking through the pathway made by towering pines that seemed to be
waving to us in the wind
. The mountain was so serene you could hear all of the birds chirping and small sticks cracking as bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks dashed across the trail. We started back down the mountain after about 45 minutes of hiking, and when we got back down it was 11:34a.m. Our next stop is
Spokane River
it is about 30 miles and will take 55 minutes. We walked back to the car and Olivia and I jumped in the back seat and buckled our seat belts.
Spokane River
We started off on N Summit Rd. and then turned onto WA-206 and drove for 16.1 miles then turned onto US-2 W and continued onto N Nevada Street and then N Hamilton Street and after 1 mile we had reached our destination. The
Spokane River
sparkling like champagne
. It glistened in the warm afternoon sun. We sat at the edge of the river, embracing the spectacular nature that surrounded us. Olivia and I sat eating the snacks we had packed for the trip earlier. The current was fast, and the spray of
the river nipped at our toes
. We spent a few hours at the river, and then headed off to Okanogan.
Okanogan National Forest
We woke up in the morning and got ready for the day! Katelyn and I were SO excited to go to
Okanogan National Park
! We read online that it has over 1,499,013 acres! We left the hotel and drove down to the forest, passing
Leader Lake
. When we got there, we could already see the
trees starting to tower over us
. It was amazing! We got out of the car and it looked like we were in a green tunnel! We started our hike, which was called the Devil’s Backbone (it was 7 miles).

Devils Backbone Trail

We just finished our hike! It was VERY long but well worth it! On the hike we saw quite a few Falcon and some Red Breasted Robin. We also saw some wildflowers blooming which was cool to see! After the hike, we noticed that they had a horse farm and since Katelyn and I both had experience with horses we begged my dad if we could go on a trail ride. When he said yes we were so excited! We walked into the farm, and while my dad paid, Katelyn and I looked at the horses. Immediately I saw the one I wanted. My horse Whisper, was a black and white pinto. Katelyn got a horse named Pocahontas, a brown buckskin .We started on the trail. It was so peaceful! We just sat guiding the horses and talked. “
” The
horse’s hooves were ticking like a clock
. We turned back after 45 minutes and got into the car where we were going to start our journey to Wenatchee.
Olivia Van Rens
Olivia Van Rens
Olivia Van Rens
Katelyn Campbell
Katelyn Campbell
Olivia Van Rens
Olivia Van Rens
Katelyn Campbell
Katelyn Campbell
Katelyn Campbell
Olivia Van Rens
Olivia Van Rens
Olivia Van Rens
Grand Coulee dam
Once we left Okanogan, we headed on WA-20 E for 10 miles, and then merged to WA-153 S. after we drove on that road for 30 miles; we turned left onto US-97 N. The road was very desert like and was bordered by dead bushes. We turned right WA-17 S and drove for 24.4 miles until we reached WA-174 E. from that we drove 21.5 miles and continued onto WA-155 N. we drove for 3 miles on the road and then arrived at the Grand Coulee dam. The dam was a massive structure resting on the
Columbia River
. Olivia and I quickly became fascinated on the science of the hydro-electricity in the dam, and how the dam kept the river from flooding. We also saw
Lake Roosevelt
which was created as a result of the dam. After spending 1 hour at the dam we departed for
The Space Needle
After Wenatchee we drove down to Seattle to see some pretty famous places! The first stop on our list was the space needle. We got down town, and then saw the space needle!
It looked like a giant was towering over the city of Seattle
. We went into the building and my dad paid for us to get up there. We got into the elevator which was SUPER scary (well for me anyways… I’m claustrophobic). Finally the elevator stopped and made a dinging sound. When we got out of the elevator, Katelyn and I immediately ran to a window and looked outside. The view was absolutely amazing! I could have stayed there for hours. Well, until I got hungry… which was almost right away! We had lunch at a restaurant at the top of the needle and then sat and looked outside. A little bit later Katelyn decided that we must have coffee and we were about to when we decided that we should actually have it at the first Starbucks ever made, as we were going to Pike Place Market next anyways. We just left the needle and are going to the market!
Olivia Van Rens
Pike Place Market
“DUCK!!!” I yelled to Katelyn as a fish went flying. “What?” she looked at me confused. “Watch out! I yelled trying to make a final attempt. WHACK! The fish went stopped flying and hit her in the jacket. People rushed around Katelyn to get the fish off her. “I’m fine, I’m fine,” Katelyn told the group around her. We walked away and as soon as she found the nearest trash can she chucked her jacket inside. After that eventful beginning to Pike Place we couldn’t wait to see what else happened! We walked around Pike Place for a little longer, pausing to look at small shops. When we left the market we immediately walked (well, I walked, Katelyn ran) to the first ever Starbucks. “I’ll have a Tall nonfat late, extra hot” Katelyn said excitedly. “umm… I’ll have a hot chocolate please.” After paying we walked to the car and then began our journey home.
Olivia Van Rens
Right now we just arrived at
, and it is 8:00p.m on June 25th. On our way over, we passed by the

, in the Okanogan-Wenatchee state forest. Since it is night, we are going to stay in the Spring Hill Suites, which is a hotel near the city. Tomorrow we are heading to Seattle, which is the last leg of our journey, and I am excited to be going home, but sad that our road-trip is over. Once we get to Seattle we will go to the Fairmont hotel and spend the night away from home one last time.
Seattle to Kent
Today I woke up at 9:30 and to my surprise found that it was sunny, which in Seattle is a rare sight. We are leaving today, and the feeling is
While I am excited to finally be at home I am also sad that our journey has come to an end. I quickly got ready, ate breakfast at the hotel and headed to the car. We drove on I-5 and took exit 149 onto WA-516 and drove for 15 miles. Then we turned onto Willis Street and drove on a few short roads until we reached my house. I unpacked my stuff and headed back into the house. Olivia and I said our goodbyes, and she drove back to her home. My dog snickers had missed me and was jumping up and down with excitement and sniffing my feet. This road trip of Washington is something that I will never forget.

Tomorrow I am going on a road trip with Olivia around all 5 regions on Washington. We plan to visit Cities like Spokane, and Kennewick. We will leave on June 18th and travel for 10 days. Our last stop will be at Seattle and we will visit the pike place market. Along the way, we will be visiting state parks, mountains, rivers, and water falls. We don’t have our vacation perfectly planned out so we will decide as we go. I am excited for the adventures to come!

For our Washington Road Trip, Katelyn and I had lots of fun, seeing new places and having adventures. We definitely had lots of funny moments and did lots of stuff that we liked. Over all we traveled 1,690 miles and spent $197.16 on gas. Highlights were Lake Crescent, Spokane, Grand Coulee Dam, The Space Needle, and Pike Place Market. I hope that we can do this road trip again next summer!
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