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Marine biome

No description

alexis weatherly

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Marine biome

Marine Biome
AlexisWeatherly characteristics of a marine biome Abiotic factors of a marine biome waves , currents

ridges and trenches abyssal plains temperature is a average of 39 degress farnihit temperature falls and goes into minus in polar areas important attribute you don't see in freshwater is ocean currents which are crucial information of hurricanes rainfall a year can range for 60-250 inches depending on hurricanes Biotic factors of a marine biome Animals: sharks, crabs, worms, tuna, swordfish , largest- giant blue whale, tadpoles, octopus Plants: sea grass, bulrush, alligator weed, eelgrass, phytoplankton, algae Food web of a marine biome Consumers producers Decoposers phytoplankton algae tadpoles tuna Giant bluewhale sword fish worms krill tuna seastars squid snapper blue tang
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