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The Self-Concept Cycle

No description

Carrie Jones

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The Self-Concept Cycle

The Self-Concept Cycle
My Actions
As Others See Me
Other's Reactions to Me
As I see myself
“As I See Myself” is formed largely by our own perception of what others think of us.
This influences our actions.
Our actions in large part determine how others actually do see us and directly influence their reactions to us in return.
Their actions again, influence
the way we see ourselves.
Self concept is the total picture a person has of herself/himself. It is a composite of the traits, values, thoughts, and feelings that we have for ourselves.
A person who has developed a positive self concept will enjoy positive self-esteem.
A person’s self concept is developed early in life and affects the way that person functions in his/her environment. Children develop self concepts through what they believe the important people in their life feel about them.
Some people have positive self concepts which make them feel capable and competent. Their actions demonstrate those feelings, and others react positively to their actions, which, in turn, validate those feelings.
Other people have negative self concepts which cause them to lack confidence in their abilities. These negative feelings affect their actions and others in turn will react negatively to their actions, this time validating negative self feelings.
Attribution: Photos-Flickr Creative Commons
Text: UEN FACS Lesson Plans; Child Development; Self-concept, Self-esteem; Retrieved from: http://www.uen.org/Lessonplan/preview?LPid=4410
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