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Augmented Reality in Training and Performance

This is about Augmented Reality in training and performance and shows you the definition of AR, its applications to learning, and the future of AR.

Kangdon Lee

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Augmented Reality in Training and Performance

Augmented Reality in
Training and Performance 1. What is Augmented Reality?
2. Applying to training
3. Effort and current situation
4. The future of AR Goals 1. What is Augmented Reality? Combining real and virtual

Interactive in real time

Registered in 3D AR keywords AR terms Gesture recognition
Geo tag Reality vs. Virtuality Continuum AR components Hardward: mobile devices, camera, display screen, GPS, compass etc

Software: local applications, web services, and content servers Marker based AR
Markerless based AR Contextual learning environment
Control of individual's own learning 2. Why is AR useful for learning? Opportunities for authentic learning syles
Engaged learners in ways never been possible before Unique discovery path
No real consequences if mistakes 3. How AR applies to learning ? Augmented astronomy Augmented chemistry Augmented biology Augmented book Cultural heritage tour guide Car maintenance Military training Interactivity 4. The future of AR Simple and Compact Contextual Efficiency A R Military training Business marketing
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