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The Transall Saga

No description

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Transall Saga

The Transall Saga
By Gary Paulsen

Main Character: The main character of the novel is named Mark. At the beginning of the book Mark is a young teenager but after a course of events he begins to grow and become wiser. Towards the end he is a young man who can take care of himself. Mark shows plenty of growth. On several occasions Mark saves the lives of himself, and several people. I was scared for Mark in part 1 of the book, but when part 3 came around, I trusted that Mark could defend himself in the worst of conditions. Mark aids the in the growth of many characters throughout his journey.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Once Mark is informed on what will happen if he does not return to his original time. He then ties his loose ends in Transall and thus finds himself back in his original time. He devotes his life to finding a solution to the eventual outcome of Earth. Still aware of his past ventures to the future.
Mark, a young teenage, hikes solo when suddenly a blue light appears. He is facinated with it then a rattlesnake attacked him forcing him to fall into the light. He wakes up in a earth like world despite the fact that the vegetation is orange. He does not know how long he will be in his situation so he prepares to survive in the jungle. After several months he finds a primitive people and self names them "The Arrow People". He finds his way into this tribe first as an enemy and then a fellow tribesmen who partakes in a raid involving the slaughtering of a separate tribe. Shaken by the gore, he attempts an escape but not before a more modern tribe attacks the arrow people. These people call themselves the Tsook and enslave most of the arrow people. While traveling to the Tsook village Mark defends Leeta, daughter of the leader of the arrow people, from being killed off by Tsook. Once the slaves are bartered off Mark is bought by the Leader, Dagon. Mark is cared for by Dagon's daughter,Megaan. While making a clean escape from the Tsook enslavement a rival tribe is seen marching toward the exposed Tsook village while the Tsook warriors are away. Mark, remembering Leeta, turns around and warns the Tsook about their approaching dangers. The Tsook reward Mark for his glorious initiative and give him the right to become a Tsook. After the vigorous celebration the overlord of the Tsook attends the party. Mark feels strange vibes while the Merkon is around. The Merkon offers a way to find the blue light that Mark is searching for. Mark agrees to travel to another village to find out more about the blue light. On the way Mark and his fellow travelers are enslaved by another tribe. Mark uses the aid of his friend and his wits to elude the guards and escape the village. Mark is curious why The Merkon was not capture so he pursues him. With the help of some thieves Mark is able to penetrate the fortress that the Merkon Resides in and confront him. Merkon informs Mark that he is also a human from the time 1980 and that Mark is in a future earth that has been ravaged by a virus along with a nuclear war. The Merkon attacks Mark to attempt to erase any kind of threat present in Transall to his reign as an overlord. Mark severely wounds the Merkon and flees back to his original Tsook village.
The Synopsis
The main conflict of the story is Mark's need to return home. He is whisked to another time in the future without a choice. He is forced to survive off the land and its people. Towards the end he learns what has happened to earth and why it is in such a primitive stage.
Supporting Character: Leeta is the daughter of the Leader of the primitive arrow people. While being attacked by one of the most dreaded creatures in the novel, The Howling Thing, Mark comes to save the day. Leeta aids Mark in his growth by providing a burden for Mark. The main character does not need to care for Leeta but he chooses to. This forces Mark to learn how to care for another person. Leeta also teaches Mark things that are a necessity in the world of Transall. Leeta shows signs of helplessness and weakness but at other moments she carries herself well.
Merkon: The Overlord of the Tsook is introduced to be a wise mysterious man. He symbolizes a way to escape from Transall. He is important to Mark because he reveals a glimpse of hope for Mark. Merkon exposes what happened between Mark's previous time and the present time in the story. From Merkon's arrival to the end of the book he seems to be a somewhat transparent character that causes the reader to aimlessly guess about his origins.
Megaan: She is the daughter of the leader of the chapter of Tsook that Mark is a part of. Megaan is an independent person, who shows signs of feelings for Mark. Once Mark becomes a true citizen of the Tsook tribe Megaan reveaks more and more signs of denial that she is connected to Mark. She does not show up to his warrior ceremony but she makes Mark a gift such as the knee high Moccasins.
The Theme of this story is survival, along with the reminder that the human race once lived off of the most primitive liftstyles. Everyone has basic needs and could live a healthy life off of these needs. Mark at first is a young man who dodges bullets but later in the story Mark does not have to dodge bullets because he knows how to survive off the land and becomes tougher. He lived off of the clothing on his back,fruits, and bugs. Another theme is "Change". Mark is forced to conform with the lifestyle of the jungle, the primitives people, and the Tsook. He adapts well but in the back of his mind he still has a sickness for home.
Exposition: While Hiking Mark is infatuated with a mysterious blue light that he approaches and falls into while being attacked by a rattlesnake. He finds himself in a strange earthlike place where he attempts to survive for as long as he has to.
Rising Action: He comes across a primitive people that he self nicknames "The Arrow People". He enters their tribe roughly but is allowed to take part in a raid that is much too gruesome for Mark. As he attempts to escape, a tribe with obvious technological advantages enslaves the primitive people and takes them on a long march to their current village. During this march Mark saves Leeta from being killed off for looking weak. Mark attacks the aggressive Tsoook guard and the Tsook leader spares the two of them. The leader makes Mark his personal slave to his family where Mark meets Megaan. Megaan takes care of Mark very well but Mark attempts to escape when he sees a group of savages advancing upon the village while the Tsook warriors are gone. Mark abandons his perfect escape and saves the Tsook. He is awarded generously for his deed and becomes an important person in the Tsook. While Mark is having a ceremony for his inductment into the Tsook Merkon, The overlord of all the Tsook, attends this party and offers Mark a way to find out about the light that got him to the world of Transall. Mark Travels with Merkon.
Climax: While Mark is making his journey the group is attacked and enslaved by people hired by the Merkon. Once Mark escapes enslavement he is determined to find Merkon. Mark meets a group of people that have a vendetta for the Merkon. They sneak in using Mark as a bargaining tool. Mark and the Merkon discuss the time Mark used to reside in. Merkon reveals that he is also from the same time as Mark and the light that got them both to Transall strikes randomly and the Merkon sees Mark as a threat. This forces the Merkon to attack Mark. The outcome of the battle leaves the Merkon severely wounded and Mark fleeing the fortress.
Falling Action: Mark returns to his original Tsook tribe and asks Megaan to marry him. They live happily until the group that aided Mark in his hunt after the Merkon appear and tell Mark about the Merkon's son, Mordo, hunting for Mark. Mark abandons his village and attempts to fight Mordo's men. He succeeds but forget about a small band of Mordo's men sent as a scouting party. They come close to killing Mark but lightning strikes with a blue light sending Mark back to his time. Mark devotes his life to finding a cure for the disease that is to later devastate the human population.
Mark is glad to be back where he once resided and greets everyone with love. While out hunting Mark is approached by his late companions who helped him break into the Merkon's fortress. They warn him of Merkon's son who is coming to kill mark out of revenge for the incapacitation of him father. Mark says his goodbyes and tries to divert the band of warriors from his home village. Mark skillfully leads the warriors away from his village and picks them off with traps and gunpowder. Mark leads the hand full of Merkon's men back into the jungle where he first found himself and scared them away. Celebrating too early Mark is attacked by stragglers who pursue Mark who is wounded. Mark outruns them and ducks behind a rock when a blue light and lightning strike Mark. Mark wakes up in a modern mall. In his later years Mark is a devoted scientist obsessed with finding a cure to the disease that was to eventually plague the earth.
Another conflict is Mark's desire to stay because of his newly found friends/family. He had built so many unique relationships that he feels attached to the world of Transall. He does not live a normal life in the Transall time period.
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