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N.H Government

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t hayward

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of N.H Government

N.H Government
The Three Branches
of the Government
The three branches are the Executive,
Judicial, and the Legislative branch.

The Governor has to be an American citizen for 30 years and must be a N.H resident for 7 years. The Governor is elected every two years.
In the Legislative branch there is the Senate and the House of Representatives.
The Judicial Branch
The judges can serve until they are 70 years old.
The state and local judges are appointed by the Governor and council.

Every two years the 5 members of the council are elected. At appointments the 5 council members advise the Governor.
The 5 council members elected this year are Colin Van Ostern, Joseph D. Kenny, Christopher T. Sununu, David K. Wheeler, and Christopher C. Pappas.
The Senate
Every two years there are 24 members elected.
If something happened to the Governor the President of the Senate would become governor. The President of the Senate is elected every two years by the senators.
The House of Representatives
Every two years 375-400 members are elected for House of Representatives.
If something happened to the President of the Senate the Speaker of the House would become the President of the Senate.

The New Hampshire Constitution
In 1784 it was adopted. On six sheepskins the constitution was written. In the State Archives Building in Concord, the constitution is held.
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