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The Lincolnshire Funding Portal

The community funding support website for the Lincolnshire area

Grant White

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Lincolnshire Funding Portal

Step 1 To begin your search for funding visit the Lincolnshire Funding Portal at: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/fundingsearch Get to know and understand your own project

Before starting your search for funding it is important to know exactly what it is you want to achieve. It may sound straight forward and easy but think carefully about what you want to do and what positive impacts you will bring to people by doing it. Funders often use the term 'outcomes' to describe what it is that will benefit people.

Keep your 'outcomes' to mind when searching for funding.

Remember you are searching for funding that supports the outcomes you want to achieve and not just the physical activity you will perform to reach them. Your pathway to funding The Lincolnshire Funding Portal Provided by: Step 2 Prepare your project plan

There is nothing a typical funder loves more than a good bit of project planning. Good project planning not only shows a future funder the quality organisation you have but helps steer your own efforts and keeps things on track.

To help search for funding it is important to think about:
The core activity of your project
Project timescales
Project costs

Planning your project and working out the above will help make it much easier to narrow down suitable funding for your project. Step 3 Step 4 Apply for funding but PLEASE REMEMBER...

Always read a grant schemes 'Guidance Notes'
Complete all the questions on any application form
Check you are eligible to apply before applying
If in doubt always contact the funder directly

Remember your not alone when it comes to searching and applying for funding. If you ever need advice or support contact your local Community Voluntary Service. They can help you with searching and support you with applying for funding.

And lastly always get a 'critical friend' to look at any grant application form before sending it off. A small bit of critiquing can go a long way. Visit the Lincolnshire Funding Portal at: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/fundingsearch Thank you for watching Access the Really Useful Stuff (RUS) at: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/reallyusefulstuff Search through hundreds of grants and sources of funding
View up to date details of grants and funders contact details
Save grant schemes in your own favourites to return to later Learn about setting up a new group or charity
Develop your skills at running your own group
Find out all about how to get funding for your group
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