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The Road Not Taken A3

No description

Daijha Lala

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Road Not Taken A3

"The Road Not Taken"
By: Joyce, Steffi, Zoe, Daijha and Soline

Literal Meaning:
A traveler, is walking in a yellow road when he comes across two roads
The road less taken had a huge impact.
Figurative Meaning:
comparing "two roads diverged in a yellow wood" to tough decisions in life
relates to a person's life and the difficult decisions we have to make.
make a choice others have made; or take the "path not traveled"
The choice less taken that impacted the traveler the most.

Reading it the second time
Line 1 "TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood."
Line 10 "Had worn them really about the same,"
The second stanza and third stanza is a compare and contrast.
"traveler" is a person does not live in one place but travels around,

Thesis: In the poem, The Road Not Taken, through the use of symbolism , Robert Frost reveals the message of making decisions in life,
and living with the consequences of choosing one outcome over another.

Overall theme: Being fearless and going your own ways

Life will present choices, and when they are made and not followed
by others they should not be regretted

Win a Brownie
Prominent Literary Devices
Symbolism: Road --> Choices

Metaphor: the entire poem is an extended metaphor!

Imagery: ‘it was grassy’ (frost 8) and ‘yellow wood’ (frost 1)

Language: ‘diverged’ and ‘trodden’

Repetition: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood" (line 1 and 18)

Voice: ‘it was grassy’ (frost 8) and ‘yellow wood’ (frost 1)
Title: the choices we have not made in our lives

Last line(s): answers the title implication– the choices we haven't made have influenced who we are and where we are now
Reading the Poem
1. Name a prominent literary device in the poem.
(1 points)
2. Can you name the rhyme scheme of the poem? (5 points)
3. What does the title imply? (2 points)
4. State the effect of the last two lines. (3 points)
5. What could the erratic syllable meter represent?
(5 point)
6. What is the effect of using the word "traveler"? (3 points)
7. What were the roads a metaphor of? (2 points)
8. Do you believe that choices wholly affect our lives? (5 points)
9. Do you think this poem is positive or negative? (3 points)
10. Using the investigation, construct your own thesis ( 5 points)
Literary Features
Rhyme Scheme:
The rhyme scheme of ABAAB is consistent with every stanza. The scheme sounds halting and unsure, just as though the speaker were contemplating choices.

The meter within the poem has no set syllable count (8-10), which could represent the sporadic and unpredictable choices that pop up in life.
Title and Last Line
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