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Pictorial Bible Timeline

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David Hanna

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Pictorial Bible Timeline

Pictorial Bible Timeline Prepare to go on the greatest journey of all time.... ABRAHAM Abraham trusted God very much, even when he asked him to move. He wasn't very fond of moving into the strange land of Canaan, and neither was him family. But, he had faith in God. Whenever we do something new, we need faith that God will help us do it. Abraham and all his family, servants, and livestock moving 1800 BCE Settlement In Egypt 1600-1250 BCE Jacob, when he found out his son Joseph was in Egypt, God told him to move to Egypt with him. Jacob wasn't so sure, but God reassured him. A lot of times, we're afraid of new surroundings, like new schools. Yet we should remember that God is always with us. Jacob hugging his son Joseph. Moses 1250 BCE Moses speaking against the Pharaoh God told Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery. He had seen His people oppressed by the Egyptians and that they had lost hope. Many times in life, we are oppressed by different things such as bills, bullies, unfairness, etc. Though we are depressed and feel hope is lost, God is there to help us and provide hope in the worst times. To provide light in the darkest cave. To provide love in our lowest hour. Entry Into Canaan 1250-1050 BCE Joshua and the Wall of Jericho falling down The Israelites, after 40 years in the desert, finally made it to the promised land, Canaan. Yet the job is not done yet. Joshua and the rest of the Israelites have to fight for the promised land. When we have dreams and hopes, we have to work for it. God won't give it us on a silver platter. In order for us to make our dreams come true, we have to work for it. Kings of Israel 1030-930 BCE David playing the harp for King Saul. Every king of Israel has sinned and turned away from God. King Saul became jealous of David's fame. King David coveted the woman of another man. King Solomon worshiped idols to please his wives. Though many have sinned, many have repented. The kings weren't responsible and that caused them to sin. If Solomon had done the responsible thing to turn the idols down, he wouldn't have sinned. We have to be responsible in order for us to shun sin. We must pray to God for responsibility and conscience. The Prophets Beginning in 800 BCE The prophet Isaiah In this era, the people of Israel were sinning and God gave them many chances. These chances were in the form of prophets. Many times, God sends different types of prophets to save us from sin, yet we don't listen. These prophets are what God sends to warn us before falling into sin. Exile in Babylon 587-538 BCE Babylonians taking Israelites captive. Because the Israelites sinned and didn't repent, God didn't protect them and left them vulnerable. Babylon attacked them and took many captive. Daniel was among these people. This shows us that we must face the consequences of our actions. We can't run from our mistakes. We must repent to God for him to forgive us. Return to Jerusalem 538-400 BCE The Israelites returned to Jerusalem and started to work on rebuilding it. They made a plan to regain God's protection. We should make plans to get closer to God. But sometimes plans create us closer to the world and farther from God. We must be careful of these traps. Jesus' Birth 4 BCE Nehemiah and the Iraelites rebuilding the Wall of Jerusalem The Nativity Jesus is born, and a promise is fulfilled. Jesus was God's promise of redemption. Jesus was hope. He was the one who could free us from sin so we can live with God. This shows God will always be with us and never abandon us. Jesus' Public Ministry 27-30 CE Jesus teaching men and women Jesus, when he was about 30, started to teach others about God and how we should love Him and others. We should take example of his disciples. Most of them followed him to death, and even after death. For us to call ourselves Christians, we must follow Jesus to the end. Jesus' Death and Resurrection 30 CE Jesus carrying the cross Jesus was crucified on the cross. Everyone was sad and in darkness. Then, 3 days later, He rose from the dead. He had fulfilled his promise. This shows how God loves us no matter what, even if we sin. He will never stop forgiving us. Pentecost 30 CE The Holy Spirit coming down on the disciples When the disciples of Jesus gathered in the upper room after His ascension, God sent the Holy Spirit to them in form of fire. They then went out and preached the entire world about Christ. This shows us that God always provides the tools for us to serve Him. Spread of Christianity and Creation of the New Testament Books 30-110 CE Catholic Epistle of St. James After Pentecost, the disciples went out all over the world and wrote to all people about Jesus. This is what we were made for. To spread the love and knowledge of Christ to all those in the dark. It is our responsibility to spread the Gospel. Paul's Ministry 49-62 CE St Paul the Apostle Paul was a active apostle of Jesus and answered new churches' (such as the Romans) questions. He helped settle disagreements in the church and promoted unity among churches. Many times we disagree with others concerning religion. Paul's epistles help us to answer these questions in a calm, Christian way. THE END!!!!!!!
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