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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Moon Water

Information for students attending the Feb. 9th youth performance [Slides 2-6 focus-IDENTITY; Slides 7-17 focus-Cloud Gate and its founder; Slides 18-19 Moon Water; Slide 20-Audience Etiquette; Slides 21-22-Lin Hwai-Min on dance]

Brenda Simms

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Moon Water


Moon Water

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
11-12 noon, Bass Concert Hall

Founded in 1973 by Lin Hwai-Min
Named after the oldest dance in China
First contemporary dance company in any Chinese-speaking community
Company of 24 dancers
The Times of London calls them
“Asia’s leading contemporary dance theatre,”
while The Globe and Mail describe them as
“One of the finest dance companies in the world.”
First, here's a little bit of geography and history.
The complete performance lasts 65 minutes and has 8 sections set to excerpts from Johann Sebastian Bach's
Six Suites for Cello. (We will see excerpts.)
The Cloud Gate youth performance will be in a lecture-demonstration format. They will demonstrate and discuss some of their training elements and present excerpts of
Moon Water
to give an understanding of Cloud Gate's unique characteristics and style.
Moon Water-Overview
Dance Europe exclaims:
“No company in the world dances like Cloud Gate. It presents a distinct and mature Chinese choreographic language. The importance of this evolution in Asian dance is no less profound than the impact of Forsythe’s Ballett Frankfurt on European classical ballet.”
After a fire demolished Cloud Gate's iron-roofed studio in 2008, they inaugurated a brand new $22 million home, “Cloud Gate Theater” in Taipei, Taiwan, April 2015. Cloud Gate signed a B.O.T. contract with the New Taipei City government for a 40-year operating right to use the public land, under the condition that Cloud Gate provided its own funds for building and running the theater on the site. 4,155 individual and corporate donations, including a gift of US$ 5 million from the Alphawood Foundation Chicago, had made the construction of the Theater possible.
Cloud Gate Theater
Taipei, Taiwan
To celebrate the opening of Cloud Gate Theater, a Cloud Gate decorated MRT train, that runs where the Theater is located, was launched by the Government of Taipei City on April 20, 2015. The deputy mayor of Taipei city said that this train is a token of appreciation for the joy and honor Cloud Gate has brought to the people of Taipei.
A China Airlines A 330 airbus, covered with images of Cloud Gate dancers in“Water Stains on the Wall,” has been in service since July 2014.
On April 20, 2015, New Taipei City launched a new bus decorated with Cloud Gate images that stops at Cloud Gate Theater. This new line makes it more convenient for theatergoers and visitors to reach the new Theater.
Who Am I?
by Nate Williams

My father said I could be anything I want to be,
and it’s up to me to turn my daydreams into realities, and typically,
I just go with the flow as I paddle streams,
but now my passion burns like calories for my purpose in this thing called life.
What position do I play?

I’m on a mission every day to decipher what kind of life I should lead.
Should I lead? Should I follow? Am I filled? Or am I hollow?
I need water ‘cause this life has been a tough pill to swallow,
although that begs the question, who am I?
No, seriously, who am I?

I haven’t come to a conclusion. I need answers, but all I have is options,
and my heart is always shopping for new identities that need adopting,
‘cause I’ve been the outcast. I’ve been the jock.
I’ve been the straight shooter. I’ve run from cops.

I feel like the actor but in this scene they took away the props.
I have nothing to hind behind and here I stand, exposed, like tan lines.
Left with the question, Who am I?

Three simple words to plan my time and they’re vital. My mind’s on standby.
My soul’s still idle. Titles describe content and I’ve been a book without a cover.
Ask my father and my mother for assistance or some other kind of help,
I’m feeling smothered by the media.

It hovers what I want in front. Another and another and another.
I’ve discovered. Nothing. Who am I?

Everything I’ve planned to be hasn’t worked out.
Insanity. Webster can’t define me.
You’re looking at a Jack-of-all-trades, wearing a mask of all shapes,
ready to act with no shame. It seems my possibilities are endless.

I could be someone to follow, or someone hardly worth a mention, like Twitter.
I’m bitter because my friends are trendsetters who dress better than me.
I’m not trendy, am I?

But I could change, and spend my change and dollar bills on fancy things,
and swallow pills like my friends do.
I don’t do drugs but I love to pretend to.
I mean it’s hard to turn down what they lend you. What they send you.

Weekends tend to be a curious set of days. Friday and Saturday I do it all,
but by Sunday I’m ashamed of what I did. I’m on the fence and here I sit.

I go to church some times and each time I ask God to answer the question.
Who am I? Does He know?
Does He care? Are You listening? Are You there?

It only makes sense to ask the Maker, why He made what He made.
And since we all look different our purpose can’t be the same.

I am someone: an individual, who’s mostly confused
and sometimes spiritual, looking to answer this question,
praying the Maker will respond, hoping society will quiet down.
so I can listen.
Dancers' Training
At the performance you will be attending, Cloud Gate dancers will demonstrate and discuss their unique style of training.

They use:
Modern Dance
Qi Gong

(pronounced chee gung) meaning "life force" or "vital energy."
Tai Chi

- (Tai Chi Tao Yin) - traditional Chinese breathing exercises practiced by Taoists to cultivate Qi or internal energy of the body based upon the therapeutic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Discussion Questions to think about as you watch the following video,
Who Am I
? by Nate Williams

1. Who is the author? How would you characterize him?
2. How old do you think the author is? Why?
3. What issues does the author struggle with?
4. Why doesn't the author seem to know who he is?
5. What does this poem say about identity?
6. How does the rhythm/flow/rhyme scheme contribute to the theme of the the poem?
Population: ~23.4 million / 14,000 sq. miles=1,671 people per sq. mile
(Texas population: ~27 million / 269,000 sq. miles=100 per sq, mile)
The island of Taiwan (formerly known as "Formosa")
was mainly inhabited by Taiwanese aboriginals (natives).

Since the 1600s, ethnic Chinese began immigrating to the island.
In 1683, the Qing Dynasty of China conquered Taiwan.
After the Chinese-Japanese war in 1895, Taiwan became a colony of Japan and
remained under Japanese authority until the end of the Second World War (1945),
when Chinese authority returned.

In 1949 about two million followers of the nationalistic party under Chiang Kai-Shek
fled from mainland China to Taiwan, because of the new founded Communist Party
of China (People’s Republic of China).

The Republic of China relocated its government to Taiwan, and its jurisdiction became limited to Taiwan and its surrounding islands. Since then, international recognition of
most countries switched to the People’s Republic of China instead of the Republic
of China (Taiwan). Currently, only 21 UN member states recognize
Taiwan as a sovereign state.

The Taiwanese culture is strongly influenced by the Chinese culture
since the most inhabitants of Taiwan are from Chinese origin.
But it is also strongly influenced by the aboriginals,
who mainly live on the east side of Taiwan. They
have their own languages, habits and religions.
You may also see Japanese influences in
Taiwanese culture
What is your identity?
Before we get into what you'll see at the youth performance, think about your "identity."
Fill in the blanks to create your own Identity Poem
(To assist with your discussion, the poem text is available to the right of the video.)
Who is Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan?
Founder: Lin Hwai-Min
“When I started the company I said, ‘Composed by Chinese, choreographed by Chinese, danced by Chinese, for a Chinese audience,’ ” said Mr. Lin, whose family has lived in Taiwan for generations. “Then Taiwan was kicked out of the U.N. and all of a sudden
I had to figure out who I was
. ~Lin Hwai-Min
On the impact Cloud Gate has had in Taiwan:
“Before Cloud Gate, there wasn’t even such thing as a wuzhe (dancer),” said Ping Heng, founder and artistic director of Dance Forum Taipei, using the term for dancer. “Before, people thought dancing was something you could do in school, but it wasn’t something worthy of being a profession. They just called dancers ‘tiaowu de ren,’ ” literally, people who dance.
“I often remind the dancers that when they are onstage, they are often the only Taiwanese people that a lot of people get to see that are actually labeled as Taiwanese.” ~Lin Hwai-Min
"With dancers trained in meditation, Qi Gong, internal martial arts, modern dance and ballet, his Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan transforms the ancient aesthetics into thrilling modern celebrations of motion. "
Video with more about Cloud Gate's training
China took over
Japan took over
China took over again
Taiwan becomes a refuge for those fleeing communism in China (People's Republic of China).
The "Republic of China" government (not communist) is now based in Taiwan.
Both the ROC and the PRC claim to represent all of "China," and both officially claim each other's territory. In the 1992 consensus, both governments agreed that there is only one "China" but each claimed to be the sole representative of the sovereignty of undivided China.
On November 7, 2015, the presidents of China and Taiwan shook hands for the first time since 1949.
Cloud Gate has a great reputation around the world.
Lin Hwai-Min and Cloud Gate
As you watch Cloud Gate's presentation at Bass Concert Hall think about your identity compared to that of the dancers.

Coming from completely different backgrounds and experiences, be sure to
appreciate and respect the dance company's unique style and rich cultural history of Taiwan
respect the performers and the incredible amount of work they do to prepare performances
Proper audience etiquette requires that you
respect the performers by being an attentive audience
respect other audience members by not being a distraction
respect the hall by not causing any damage to the building
International Dance Day Message 2013
by Lin Hwai-Min

Come Celebrate Life with Dance!
On January 16, 2016, Taiwan elected the first female president,
Tsai Ing-wen.
Taiwan's Flag for the 2012 Olympics
Happy Chinese New Year!
Feb. 8, 2016- The Year of the Monkey
Xīn nián kuài lè
pronunced: “tsing nee-ann koo-why leh” (pitch higher on tsing)
Length 2:26
Happy Chinese New Year
from the NBA.
Samples of Traditional Ballet
Nutcracker Samples
Examples of Men's Ballet Jumps
Full transcript