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Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson

Jackson Scott

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Treasure Island

Mr. Trelawney finds a pirate named Long John Silver who willingly joins the crew, in fact Mr. Trelawney is so impressed with his manners and intelligence that he gives the captain duties to him. he also finds a nice ship named the Hispanolia and a captain, Captain Smolett. Trelawney tells his servant to send a ship after them if they don't return back by August. And they're off Jim is having the time of his life until he overhears Long John trying to convince a young sailor named Dick Johnson to join long john and his men. Jim tells Dr. Livesey and Mr. Trelawney about what he heard.
Continuing Climax
The mood becomes dull, but they do not accuse Long Johns crew of anything. Once they arive at land Jim's crew lock Long John and his crew below the deck. Then Jim's crew finds a stationwhere they have fresh water but can keep watch on the boat as well. when they are setting up headquarters they get into a brief fight with some surprised pirates. since Jim knew they could handle the men, he goes off exploring on his own he meets a stranded pirate named Ben Gunn, he agrees to help out Livesey and Trelawney, but for 1000 british pounds, freedom and some cheese (yes cheese) After returning to Trelawney and Livesey Jim finds that they have taken over a fort. He introduces Gunn to the men.
Main Characters
Dr. Livesey ( Dynamic character )
Long John Silver (Static character )
Billy Bones ( Static character)
Squire Trelawney (Dynamic character)
The Narrator, Jim Hawkins ( Dynamic character)
Jim Hawkins and his mother and father live in their inn. Their isn't much going on for him except one day a drunk, sunburned sailor barges into their inn. He calls himself the captain and demands a room. He proceeds to settle down at their inn and drink a ton of whiskey and tell terrifying stories of life on the high seas. One day one of the captains old shipmates manages to track down the captain, they get into a fight and the captain gets so worked up that he has a stroke. He starts having these awful hallucinations about his life as a pirate, apparently the captain isn't even a captain at all. His name is Billy Bones, he was second in command to a pirate named Captain Flint. Jim doesn't have much time to care about the captains crazy talk. Sadly Jim's father dies the next night.
Rising Action
The day after Jim's fathers funeral a blind man appears at the inn looking for the captain. The mans name is Pew he orders that the captain (Billy Bones) meets with him at 10 o' clock that night. Billy Bones comes out of hiding, all of a sudden he has a heart attack from shock. After some shenanigans with Pew and a bunch of pirates who try to steal Billy Bones' treasure, Jim gets away with some papers that could lead them to the treasure. He takes them to Dr. Livesey, the local judge. He found Mr. Livesey at the squire's house, Mr.Trelawney. They all agree that the captain was a popular pirate, in the papers was a treasure map.They decide to hunt it, It didn't take long to find a crew because who doesn't want to go hunting for treasure. Also Jim got to go as a cabin boy.
He leads them straight to a cave. They tie Ben up to a tree while they explore.
They find a chest full of treasure and goods thet the papers said it would. Ben goes on a small boat he built when he was stranded there. But Livesey,Trelawney and Jim take the Hispanolia. They return safely home after a few days and share teir story to the people at home.
Treasure Island
By: Robert Louis Stevenson

Background Information
Illustrator: Louis Rhead
Published,March 13, 1994
It is fictional, and is told in 1st
person by one of the main
characters named Jim Hawkins.
This book is mostly Action, Adv-
enture and Drama. based around
1745. Off the coast of spanish
Falling Action
Dr. Livesey and Mr. Trelawney
discover that Long John and his men have escaped from the ship . They rush to the X on the treasure map only to discover that it has already been dug up. And they realize that the dirt was not fresh.
They blame Ben Gunn.They interogate him until he gives in.
This book is hard to keep up with at
first but you get used to it. It is LONG it has 36 chapters. It is a fun book that keeps you guessing, I
wouldn't recommend this book for 7th graders but maybe for an 8th or 9th grader because the vocab. is hard to keep up with.
This is the treasure map
Dynamic or Static, why?
Dr. Livesey, dynamic because his level of respect for Jim increases rapidly.
Long John Silver, static because he had the same greuling plan from the beginning.
Billy Bones, static because he is the some drunken old pirate from the beginning.
Squire Trelawney, dynamic because he goes from just an average businessman to a friend, pirate, and mostly a leader.
Jim Hawkins , The narrator, Dynamic because he is not a born hero but he faces his fears and saves his crew.
Why is this a classic novel?
Because it sums up what you expect in a good story, Action, Adventure and some Mystery and Drama. And it especially sums up a good pirate story.
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