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The Songhai Empire

No description

a l

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of The Songhai Empire

The Songhai Empire By Alex Lichen Sunni Ali Ber Captured! Significance? Capital Trade! Cities on main trade routes! So what was traded? Gold
Luxury Goods
Whatever Else Passed Through Niger River Trade! This groundwork was created by... (But he had some problems) Cruel Not very tolerant
(especially of Islam) But who cares right? This guy (and his muslim supporters) My name
is Askia! After Sunni Ali Ber Dies... This Guy Takes Over
and does 3 things Standardizes Measures Establishes Bureaucracy Spreads Islam Helps Trade Helps Organization Let's expand on this one The Songhai Empire arose
from the Mali Empire Askia was a very devout muslim as a result... Adopted Sharia Law

(He built this university at Timbuktu) Under Askia... Considered Songhai's Golden Age After Death... Morocco invades, and takes over the empire Other Important Things... Social Structure Ruler Government Officers Merchants Scholars Citizenry Slaves Mostly Muslim Native Religions Caste System (still allowed for class mobility) Impact?

Allowed for easier european colonialism
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