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Women and Children in the Civil War

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michaela rankin

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Women and Children in the Civil War

Important Women in the War
Women Soldiers
Hundreds of women fought as soldiers in the Union and Confederacy. In order to do this, they had to disguise themselves as men.

Children's Participation
Many boys ran away from home to live luxurious lives. By becoming drummer boys, their days would consist of little duties.
Clara Barton
After the battle at Bull Run, Clara Barton, also known as Clarissa Harlowe Baker, delivered supplies to wounded and ill soldiers. Later, the generals gave her permission to be a high ranking nurse in the war. Barton later became the organizer of the American Red Cross.
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman gathered information about the enemy by organizing a network of spies as directed by the Union Army.
Drummer Boys
Drummer boys played an important role in the war in which they served as a way to communicate different commands to officers. These so called mascots would eventually be enlisted in the ranks when they became older.
Women and children's participation in the Civil War was important. During the war, women were courageous along with young boys that too served on both sides of the war. Men, women, and children alike fought side by side on the battlefield.
Mia Rankin
Belle Boyd
Boyd was a Confederate spy that delivered important documents in Shenandoah Valley within enemy lines.
Frances Clayton
woman soldier in disguise
Women's Roles
When the men were at war, women took care of their homes, farms, plantations, and businesses. They also gave them all things necessary for surviving the war such as food, uniforms, socks, shirts, gloves, blankets, shoes, and bandages. To be able to provide these items, women held fundraisers. They also served as nurses on the battlefield for the wounded.

Confederate soldiers were poorly funded. As a direct result of this, both the soldiers and their families would go long periods of time without eating. It would take weeks for soldiers to be supplied with meat and for their families to be supplied with money.

The Union wives did not face as many hardships as those in the south. Many had to take up jobs in the cities, usually held by men. Union wives also suffered throughout the war in which they gave up just as much as the rest of their families.
Use of Homes
When the Civil War broke out, many soldiers fell ill or were wounded. Women cared for them in houses that were converted into hospitals.

Illustration of a young boy that ran away from home at about 16 years old to become a drummer boy.
Form men had to fill out before volunteering for the army
Chart showing the amount of soldiers that were enlisted at each age.
The peak in the 16-17 y.o. range was due to the drummer boys.
Confederate Soldier Uniform
Hospital where nurses attended to soldiers
Confederate States of America flag
People questioned whether hunger was a direct affect of the CSA losing the war
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Union Soldier Uniform
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