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Entoview: Technology For Educators, By Educators

all about the Entoview universe!

Abby Kelly

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Entoview: Technology For Educators, By Educators

online portfolios iPhone apps Websites, webinars, and social media Entoview designs and builds websites, applications, and custom projects
for students, schools, and education professionals. Websites: Build a high-quality, professional website for you, your projects, your institution, or your business
Community: Build a private online community for your students or class - a place to discuss assignments, get questions answered, and get to know peers
Curriculum: Turn your course curriculum into a fun and engaging online experience
Social media: Develop a social media universe for you or your organization
Webinars: Turn your lectures and presentations into online video webinars
Grading and evaluation: Build databases for grading and evaluating student work and art portfolios
Tests: Create online quizzes from exams, collect and compare results
Online storage: Set up a private or public online home for your curriculum, presentations or student work
Surveys and forms: Create private or public surveys and online forms to make it easy for you to gather information from students or clients
Mailing lists: Set up an e-mailing list and design an HTML email template
Apps: Design custom iPhone applications What can Entoview do for you?
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