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Timeline Prezumé by Xiaoren Ruan

No description

Xiaoren Ruan

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Timeline Prezumé by Xiaoren Ruan

Xiaoren Ruan
MKT Cohort 1

Then I grew up...
June 2010
Powerful Jiepang
4.0 Version
Register users: 5 millions

Active users: 3 millions
(End by 2013.8)
Da Zhang
Began to use Jiepang in 2010
Public the Beta version.
Redefine Jiepang

Crab from Baltimore!
5.0 Version
360° check-in
"With" feature
Da has pointed two important comments...
Hard to create new location
Confused about the app images
Do research online and offline.
Strengthen the communication.
Be active to cooperate with the application.
Show feedback
Expand the user numbers.
Set a clear direction of the brand.
Market department:
Negotiate with Google map.
Cooperate with more merchants.
Technology department
Check the technical difficulties.
Test the fixed version.
Consider more bright ideas.
Collect the user feedback.
My Jiepang ID: 指
zhijian(Chinese) insular
Headquarter: Beijing
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