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Hotel Security (GITMA)

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Tochukwu Atupulazi

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Hotel Security (GITMA)

Security Type Frequency: 1. Surveillance Systems 2. Police Presence Frequency - 7 times
8.4 % 4. fig. 1 fig. 2 5. Frequency - 3 times
5% Be on the
lookout for new ideas!!!!!! Meet the Author !!!!! The Hotel Industry INTRODUCTION Hospitality Industry (Hotels)
This Meta-Analysis explores current security measures the Hotel industry has in place post 9/11.
It investigates guest satisfaction on security and whether there is a place for the implementation of facial recognition systems, without compromising guest privacy and experience Keywords THE RESEARCH METHOD Facial Recognition Systems Lets take a look at the benefits of Facial Recognition Systems Iris Recognition Systems Can scan up to thousands of faces in a crowd
and identify known terrorists and criminals in the database. Get Rid of Newark Chapter? Has a unprecedented false match rate (better than 10^-11) Improve guest experience by identifying and greeting guests as they enter hotel premises. 3. Lighting Systems Frequency - 2 times
2.5% Hospitality Journal Utilized To highlight the importance of why the hotel industry must make a conscious effort to invest in new and innovative instruments of security as a lack there-of can jeopardize guest, employee, and public safety, both on and off hotel grounds.

Allowing for a better idea on how to increase guest satisfaction through security and whether there is a place for the implementation of these new systems, without compromising guest privacy and experience. PURPOSE OF ANALYSIS Applicable Models So with these listed benefits would IRIS Recognition systems beneficial to HOTELS
???? Hospitality industry should use Iris recognition in:

Hotels especially larger ones (Overseas)
International brands guests say they felt uncomfortable with intrusive efforts of security guards 950 2 3 Training Staff
and Security
on use o Team sports
o Pool Party
o Sleepovers/Movies
o Dances
o Bowling University of Delaware
Residence Life
Programming Form Final Approval of this Form by a BBYO Co-Advisor.......... FUN!!!!
FUN!!!! Equals = This has
Been a... Tochukwu Atupulazi

PRODUCTION!!!!! Sample Template ”More Jewish teens, more meaningful Jewish experiences.” New "ACTION PLAN" makes for... BBYO
Chapter Q & A ?????????? ?
? ?
? ???????????? So how can we increase hotel security without comprimising guest experience? YOU GUESSED RIGHT!!!! NOW HERE IS THE PLAN FOR SUCCESS!!!
Restructure this Template
Require members to Utilize this form to formulate their ideas
Require members to fill it out and submit to the President and Co-Advisor Optimal performance Frequency - 6 times
17% Frequency - 16 times
65% A Review of Security Measures in Hotel Industry Post 9/11 Tochukwu K. Atupulazi
University of Delaware
Hospitality Informations Management
Las Vegas, Nevada All articles above were published between 1999-2010

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
Tourism Management
Annals of Tourism Research
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
Journal of Travel Research
Journal of Conflict Resolution
Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research Security systems in hospitality

Terrorism security
Post 9/11 Sept 11

Surveillance systems

Guest security I.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
Number of Articles – (4)
II.Tourism Management
Number of Articles – (8)
III.Annals of Tourism Research
Number of Articles – (4)
IV.Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
Number of Articles – (9)
V.Journal of Travel Research
Number of Articles – (8)
VI.Journal of Conflict Resolution
Number of Articles – (1)
VII.Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration
Number of Articles – (1)
VIII.Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research
Number of Articles – (1)
TOTAL: 36 Journal Article Distribution METHODOLOGY RANKING

1 Qualitative Research

Qualitative research methods are designed to help understandpeople and the social and cultural contexts within which they live.
These methods include ethnography, action research, case research, interpretive studies, and examination of documents and texts.

2 Secondary Data

A study that utilizes existing organizational and business data, e.g., financial and accounting reports, archival data, published statistics, etc.

3 Case Study

Study of a single phenomenon (e.g., an application, a technology, a decision) in an organization over a logical time frame.

4 Surveys

Research that uses predefined and structured questionnaires to capture data from individuals. Normally, the questionnaires are mailed (now, fax and electronic means are also used).

5 Speculation/commentary

Research that derives from thinly supported arguments or opinionswith little or no empirical evidence.

6 Literature Analysis

Research that critiques, analyzes, and extends existing literature and attempts to build new groundwork, e.g., it includes met -analysis

7 Content Analysis

A method of analysis in which text (notes) are systematically examined by identifying and grouping themes and coding, classifying and developing categories.

8 Interview

Research in which information is obtained by asking respondents questions directly. The questions may be loosely defined, and the responses may be open-ended. Private Security increasing the standoff distance between the hotel and vehicular traffic (Marriot Islamabad Integrate the systems with national database 1 Hotel Security
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