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Copy of 0


Chul woo Kim

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 0

DREAM WEAVERS UNIT 4 2007112473 김철우
2013111164 김원회
2013111433 김준수
2013110944 김현진 -Summary 1. wool 2. cotton 3. leather Cloth materials heels Q&A "How Alex Soza get ideas" High-tech textiles - Not so long ago, all fibers used to make textiles came from natural sources. ------------DuPont Company (America)----------- Nylon : one of polymers Kevlar : stronger than steel Other high-tech fibers (aramid fiber) : resist very high temperatures --------Dubar Warneton company (France)-------- Oil-eating textile : absorbs five times its weight in oil Another textile : absorbs vibrations An ordinary-looking cloth bag (completely water soluble) : strong enough to carry have objects. But it disappears in boiling water. Spider silk : a natural fiber that is five times as strong as steel. --------Nexia firm (Canada)-------- BioSteel (Spider silk) : a possible alternative spider farming
1. They heavy inserted the spider-silk protein gene into goats.
2. Goats can produce spider-silk protein in their milk. Clothing : For protectry -> Fashion Planned wearable electronics Clothing innovation : It’s not going to happen overnight Military purposes Developing invisible military uniforms By taking on the same color, brightness, and patterns of the surroundings of the wearer Portable buildings portable buildings that are made of what are essentially large, high-strength textile balloons called ‘air beams Today’s textile innovations are developed like turning science fiction into scientific fact Reading Conprehension 1. What is the main purpose of the passage?
a. to provide a historical overview of innovative fashion styles
b. to introduce the reader to developments in high-tech texiles
c. to convince the reader to buy the latest fashions
d. to explain how modern fashions are often inspired by nature 2. Why does Huges Vinchon mention a motorboat you can't hear?
a. to evoke admiration for a fabric which can absorb vibrations
b. to explain one of the properties of an oil-absorbing fabric
c. to give an example of how quietly his texiles factory runs
d. to show that he is not afraid of having his ideas stolen 3. Which person do you think would be most likely to design a coat made of paper with six arms that three people can wear together?
a. Alex Soza
b. Huges Vinchone
c. Jeff Turner
d. Ian Scott 4. Which of these items has actually been sold in stores?
a. the Queen of Clubs outfit
b. the intelligent bar
c. the intelligent apron
d. the ICD+ jacket 5. The word they on line 132 refers to _____.
a. heavy trucks c. metal hangers
b. air beams d. airplanes 1. Alex Soza's jacket
2. The intelligent bra
3. The Queen of Clubs outfit
4. The intelligent apron
5. The ICD+ jacket
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