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Technology in the Classroom

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Jeff Loney

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Technology in the Classroom

Enhancing Mathamatical Learning

Using Technology to Enhance Learning
Student Forum Based Learning
Using Twitter, Google documents or other social software to allow students to participate in open discussion regarding lesson content.
Create a feed at the front of the classroom that will livestream comments and questions. The feed will also give students the opportunity to engage in peer learning and submit their own math problems
Web Tools for Math Development
Online games and practice sites help reinforce learning
Students have the opportunity to use different manipulatives that may not available within school
These tools can be used as part of a lesson to reinforce learning
Create benchmarks within websites that are unique to each students learning style and speed
Technology in my Teaching
French language teaching has given me many opportunities to use technology in the classroom. The technology used within a French classroom is focussed on allowing the students to immerse themselves within the language. Technology within my French classroom has not only enhanced student learning but also assisted with assessment at all levels.
Using these strategies for Math
The strategies that I have already become accustomed to using in the French classroom can be applied to a math setting.
Student Centered Tutorials
Have students create video tutorials teaching others how they solved a problem.
Students can also apply similar strategies to create their own math problems.
Tech- How does it Enhance Learning?
Creates student interaction; it makes learning fun
Immerses the student in the learning
Makes learning accessible
Fosters an environment of collaboration among students and teachers
Extends learning outside of the classroom
Currently Adopted Strategies
Video and Pictures
Sound and Tech
Smart Board Tech
Additional Strategies
Student Forum Based Learning
Web Tools for Math Development
Student Centered Tutorials
Video and Pictures
Recorded Oral Presentations to provide opportunity for self-assessment
Showed clips of cultural events to immerse students in the learning
Captured photos of students working to deomonstrate the learning process
Sound and Tech
Used music in the classroom to tie in cultural events
Used bluetooth technology to enhance classroom management through sound and music
Smart Board Tech
Created interactive files for use with Smart board. Increased student participation
Used the Smart board to administer formative assessments
Created files that allowed students to interact with their whiteboards and/or chromebooks
Video and Pictures
Sound and Tech
Use music as a tool to help teach math concepts. Eg. quarter notes, Full notes, half notes etc
Use sound to help use student recall. Eg. Create an acronym or a Rap
Smart Board Tech
Increases student participation
Makes math fun
Learning with devices they use daily
Potentially extends the learning beyond the classroom
Opens doors for potential multi school learning and cooperation
Could create friendly competiton among students
Individual student participation patterns can be tracked
Student understanding of the topic can be assessed
Students can be flagged for further help or mentoring
Many sites have build in assessment tools for teachers
Allows the teacher to track participation rate of individual students
Can be used as a formative assessment tool
Differentiated instruction
By teaching a concept, students are more likely to fully understand a concept
Gets students involved by promoting their own interests in a math setting
Fosters a collaborative learning environment
Can be used as a form of summative assessment
Provides opportunity for student self assessment
Project can be opened to peer assessment
We are living in the Digital Age. It is predicted that by 2020, 4.3 devices per person will be connected to the internet.* This technology can not only enhance student learning, it can prepare students for their future.
*Strategy Analytics - Oct, 2014
Record the thought process of an individual so they can look back on the problem
Show clips and scenarios of how math helps in real world problems
Encourage students to take photos so they have digital copies of their work
Created interactive math files for students using current resources and resources suggested by the student body.
Use Smartboard as a virtual chalk board encouraging students to answer math problems step by step. Eg. Showing their work
Use Smartboard technology that allows students to contribute their own problems to the board.
Makes math engaging for students
Extends learning beyond the classroom
Reinforces concepts taught in the classroom and assists with retention
Allows students to relate lessons to their everyday lives
Technology has not only made my job as an educator easier but it has helped students learn in a way that suits them. The strategies that I outlined in this presentation are just some of the ways that we could use technology both in a math classroom and in a French classroom. As technology changes, it is important to me to stay up to date on how it can help myself and my students. I look forward to seeing how emerging technologies can further improve both the learning and assessment within a classroom.
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