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Career Developments Role in Student Retention

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Melanie Adams

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Career Developments Role in Student Retention

The Importance of Career Development in Student Retention
Career Development is a Tool for Retention
Engaging Students Early On
Help "Connect" Students with Internships and Experiential Learning
Conclusion & Questions
Connect early with students on career decision-making
Educate students on career development process
Assess the students early to identify individual needs
Create a four-year career plan, similar to academic advising
Encourage students to take career development classes
Students with internships excel academically and become excited about the workforce
"A national survey by Eduventures, a consulting firm, found in late 2006 that entering students considered professional preparation the most important factor in assessing the value of their college degree."
By: Melanie Adams
Source: National Career Counseling Association as cited in Feldman, R. S., (2005).
Tinto's Theory of Student Departure
1. Academic Difficulties
2. Failure to become part of the
institution academically or socially
3. Inability of individuals to resolve
their educational and occupational goals
Source: Tinto, 1987
How Can Career Development Help Student Retention?
Target, track, and engage "deciding" students
Early interventions and major exploration
Internships and experiential learning
Case Study
Saint Louis University implemented an early intervention program, that made meeting with a career counselor mandatory during orientation sessions. Students built rapport with Career Services early on and made better academic advising choices.
of 2012 college graduates who participated in an internship received at least one job offer

Organizations converted
of their interns into full-time hires (highest recorded percentage)

of employers say that their internship program is designed to help their organization recruit entry-level hires
By the Numbers...
National Association of College and Employers
Internships give students exposure to make better informed career decisions and assists students with selecting or confirming a major
"Fostering the career development of incoming freshmen increases student satisfaction and has the added benefit of aiding the institution's retention efforts. In addition, career development interventions present opportunities for students to connect college activities with a future career path"
Student Retention, Why is it Important?
Governing agencies are moving towards outcome based strategies instead of enrollment based

States are pushing for higher education graduation rates to measure success

Student retention correlates with student achievement
Retention Rates
of college students leave within the first two years of college

of students graduate in 5 years or less in public universities
Source: ACT, 2012
Career Counseling
Source: The Chronicle (Lipka, 2008)
Students involved in internships or activities outside of the classroom...
Have better grade point averages
Learn time management skills
Gain confidence in classroom lectures
Contribute to classroom discussion
Acquire new skills and ideas to share with others
Engage better with peers and administrators
Help with cognitive learning and identity development
Source: The National Association Of Student Personnel Administrators The American College Personnel Association (2004). Learning reconsidered: a campus-wide focus on the student experience.
Study found that the more counseling sessions a student participated in the more clarity they had for their future career
Counseling sessions also helped give students confidence with their career and major choices
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