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Charles Darwin

No description

Emily Fonder

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
Connections between observations
Observation 1: Earthquake
Valdivia, Chile. 39 degrees S, 73 degrees W.

February 20, 1835
Darwin was laying on the beach when a small earthquake happened. It wasn't powerful enough to knock him off his feet, however it was still exciting.
Observation 2: Same earthquake, different location.
Concepcion, Chile. 37 degrees S, 73 degrees W.

March 4, 1835.

The same earthquake from before had leveled seventy villages, destroying every house and making the ocean swell onto the shore.
Link between observation 1 and 2
When Darwin was on the beach of Valdivia the earthquake didn't even have the power to knock him over, and barely shook the trees. However its destructive force had multiplied drastically once it reached Conception, and caused to much damage over a large area.
Observation 3: Island Birds
Galapagos Islands. 0 degrees South. 90 degrees West.
September 15, 1835

Darwin observed a certain species of bird on one of the islands. He took note of their mannerisms, what they are, and physical characteristics.
Observation 4: Island Birds Comparison
Galapagos Islands. 0 South, 90 degrees West.

September 15, 1835
Darwin noticed another bird of the same species, however it looked different and behaved differently than the first birds he studied.
Link Between observation 3 and 4
Darwin saw that birds of the same species had different qualities and traits about them. Each type of this same bird came from different islands, which while similar still bore differences in climates and vegetation.
Observation 5: Vegetation
Galapagos Islands. 0 degrees south, 90 West.
September 15, 1835
Low hanging clouds over the island caused the higher parts of the island to have thick, green vegetation and a humid climate.
Observation 6: Sydney Beauty
Sydney Australia. 33 degrees South. 151 degrees East.
January 12, 1836
When they first landed the land was nothing much to look at in Darwin's opinion. But as he traveled deeper in he saw the greenery and beauty the land really had to offer behind the big city.
Observation 7: Green Hill
Ascension, 8 degrees South, 14 degrees West.
July 19, 1836
The land here is green and covered with life. The landscape is beautiful with all the green.
Link Between observations 5, 6, and 7.
Each of these places are incredibly different in terms of location, and yet they all bear beautiful vegetation and similar climates.
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