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Copy of The Power of Words 3-4 *

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Lisa Belokur

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Copy of The Power of Words 3-4 *

Verbal Shorthand
What is in a Word?
same word
can mean different things to different people and have a different effect on people.
Descriptive - Authoritative - Low Key
#3 Cultural Rules
Be Mindful of Language Limitations
9 Primary Verbal Styles
Sub textual
Organizing - Controlling
#6 Don't Let Fear Get In the Way
Be Prepared!
Our word choices can make a big difference .
Low Key
Placeholders...or Metaphors
Expressive and Supportive
Metaphorical or Proverbial in nature and
culturally applicable...
Formal and Informal
Formal and Informal...
The receiver is in the know
Subtext is about communication
by body language, the inflection of our voice, the movement of our eyes &
the expression on our face.
Tune into the needs of your audience  
Scenario: You want to study abroad & suspect you may receive resistance from your family.  
What persuasive messages should you convey?
When and how should you deliver the messages?  

What else could you do?  
Language evolves and changes with the times…yet you still need to know and employ the BASICS  
Symbols we turn into things
If You Don't Believe Me
These Verbal Soft Skills are not that soft anymore...
Designing Verbal Messages
Responsibility in choice
"Out of sight, out of mind," "Penny wise, pound foolish," "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
Sounds Simple! Right?
Make the right choice or fail.....
Blue-sky thinking -
Run the Numbers-
Team Player-
Competitive Advantage
Think outside the box -
The helicopter view -
Get our ducks in a row -
Syntax Error.....
Socially Savvy -
Having a clear understanding of social rules and norms as it pertains to language
Situational knowledge
Change and Adapt
Learn to love words

 Read and learn from others
 Be ruthless in editing your own work
 Enjoy learning how to craft words– and
organizing your thoughts
 Experiment, ask questions and keep trying new and cutting edge things
Because eventually when enough people have similar skill sets - when everyone including the barista down the street can create a website or has a Masters Degree or......
As A Communication Professional it is your Responsibility to harness the power you wield with words and understand how it affects your brand!
Fact Inferences or Jumping to Conclusions
Misused Words
Few Words - A Lot of Body Language
Over Generalization -
One of the biggest challenges we face in promoting our own brand is determining how to verbally communicate in a way that is unique, relevant to our audiences, and expresses our core brand on a regular basis.
Barn Burner
(a) You have a new manager.

(b) A woman you don’t recognize is standing alone in your manager’s office.

(c) The woman is your manager’s sister, visiting from out of town.

(d) There is no one in your manager’s office.

(e) The woman standing in your manager’s office is from the finance department and she’s conducting a surprise audit.
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