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Geographical Investigation on MacRitchie Reservoir

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on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Geographical Investigation on MacRitchie Reservoir

Background of MacRitchie Reservoir
MacRitchie Reservoir was completed in 1867 and is the oldest reservoir in Singapore.
It is surrounded by forest that is protected from agriculture activities so as not to affect the water quality. Offering both land and water-based recreation, MacRitchie Reservoir is a popular destination for walkers, joggers, as well as kayakers. Under the Active, Beautiful and Active programme, water sports such as canoeing and kayaking are introduced into the reservoir. This is to encourage more Singaporeans to develop a relationship with water and bond with it so that people who play with water will treasure it even more and want to be guardians of it. This is key to ensuring Singapore’s water sustainability for the future generations.
Guiding Questions
Group Hypothesis
We have established our hypothesis as follows:

When the frequency of human activities and physical processes at MacRitchie Reservoir increases, the water quality in the reservoir decreases.

Gathering Primary Data
Secondary Data
Exercising Reasoning
Despite more human activities are introduced into MacRitchie Reservoir such as kakaying, canoeing and fishing on top of the already existing activities such as strolling, jogging and cross country, the water in the reservoir remains clean and clear as based on the data of the water quality collected at Kayak Platform. This may due to the rising awareness of the public, who play in the water, appreciate the clean and clear water that they are having and thus develop a bond with the water and hence more willing to keep the water clean while carry out their water sports such as kayaking and canoeing at the reservoir.
However due to some physical processes such as surface water runoff during rainfall that have caused silts and nutrients (decomposed dead leaves) to be washed into the water at Prunus Trail which resulted some algae bloom and murky water observed.
Map of MacRitchie Reservoir
Done By: Ng Wan Xuan (25)
Natalie Seah (28)

Ng Yi Zee (26)
Rebecca Loh (27)

We will test our hypothesis as follows

• To observe and record human activities and physical processes at the 3 hotspots that
affect the water quality at the reservoir.

• To observe and identify through field sketches and photographs on the characteristic features
at the 3 hotspots that will affect water quality.

• To collect water samples at 3 hotspots, conduct water quality test, and study the data collected
Recording - water was collected from the 3 hotspots, and the following tests were carried out using the water testing kits

Temperature of the water
Dissolved oxygen
pH level
We also observed what was on the surface and inside the water collected.

Gathering Primary Data
Field Sketches
After the field trip to MacRitchie Reservoir and based on the water samples collected and tested, we notice that the water quality at Macritchie Reservoir is much cleaner than we had initially expected. We expected the water to be murky because of the human activities and physical processes that have taken place at the reservoir (people canoeing and littering etc). Thus, our hypothesis is only partially correct, the increase in human activities does not decrease the water quality, while for physical process such as water surface runoff during rainfall, if the frequency of this process increases, the water quality of the water will decrease as what we had observed at Prunus Trail.
water is generally clean and has little rubbish.
trees that give out oxygen in the process of photosynthesis
rocks that prevent the soil from eroding
people canoeing, the oar brushes against the water causing the rubbish from under the water to re-suspend
wooden planks for people to rest after long hours of canoeing
Geographical Investigations : Water Supply at
MacRitchie Reservoir

We have done our field sketches at Kayak Platform and Prunus Trail based on what we have observed on the characteristic features that human activities and physical processes that may affect the water quality at these places.
From the map, it is observed that MacRitchie Reservoir is surrounded by forest, there is country club near to it, and the reservoir is not directly accessible to housing estate.
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