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Girls Should Be allowed to play on boys sports teams!

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Blake Winkley

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Girls Should Be allowed to play on boys sports teams!

Girls Should Be allowed to play on boys sports teams!
Many Sports Allow boys and girls to play on the same teams.
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I think girls and boys are just as equal and the same ability's as each other.
Sports are changing and allowing girls to play makes the game much better. I think that more teams should allow girls, and at least give them a chance to play.
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Girls should be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams. I learned that some children sports teams allow girls to play with the boys. I also learned how do take a side of an argument and support it with my thoughts and other facts.


The games would become more interesting, but in some cases it would become boring.

The quality might rise because more women might want to see their fellow women beating the men.

“Sport is an integral part of the culture of almost every nation. However, its use to promote gender equity and empower girls and women is often overlooked because sport is not universally perceived as a suitable or desirable pursuit for girls and women” (“Right to Play”).

“It is true in all countries that girls and women are less likely than boys and men to participate in sport, and sport continues to be dominated by males” (“Right to Play”).

Girls joining boys’ teams would affect the quality of the sports in good ways and in bad ways.

Although this most likely would not happen a player could harass one of their teammates that is the opposite gender and make fun of them.

The hits from some of the athletes could take advantage of some of the opposing team players and hit them unsportsmanlike and cause serious injuries.

“Girls playing high school soccer suffer concussions 68 percent more often than boys playing the same sport” (“Momstream”).

“Amber Scull ruptured her spleen after she was tackled during a practice drill at Nature Coast Tech in Brooksville 21/2 months ago. Had she arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later, doctors told her mother, she might have died” (“Frank Pastor”).

There are some risks of different genders playing on the same team.

The laws in place a very good, and support girls in playing.

I think it is good that girls are allowed right now to play on boys teams because they have the right.

“A series of cases over a 25-year span, from Blainey v. Ontario Hockey Association to Casselman v. Ontario Soccer Association to Pasternak v. Manitoba High School Athletic Association, makes the law clear: girls may try out for boys’ teams regardless of whether or not there is a girls’ team available, and regardless of the level of skill of the girls’ team” (“Sports Laws and Strategy Group”).

“Though views differ as respects the impact of Title IX, discussion typically focuses on whether and to what extent Title IX has resulted in increased athletic opportunities for females, and whether and to what extent Title IX has resulted in decreased athletic opportunities for males” (“Wikipedia”).

There are laws allowing girls to play on boys teams

I am surprised that there are no professional female athletes playing on buys teams. Many girls are very good athletes, but some teams just won’t allow them to play. I think that is crazy because if they can play well, they should play.

Women have the same ability’s and it is not far for them. They should at least be able to try out for the team because they sometimes could be better than the men. If they can prove their ability’s they could be really good.

“Minnie Crutwell is a 10-year-old girl from South London who plays football for the Balham Blazers. In March 2006, she reignited the debate over whether girls should be allowed to play football in mixed teams after they had reached the age of 12” (“Teaching Expertise”).

“Not every girl will be able, or want, to play on boys' sports teams. But where height, weight and skill levels allow, there is no physiological reason why girls and boys should not be allowed to play on the same team past a certain age” (“Teaching Expertise”).

There are no women playing on professional men’s teams

I think boys are just as equal and have the same ability’s as each other. Although they are different they can learn from each other’s mistakes.

Sports are changing and allowing girls to play makes the games much better. I think that more teams should allow girls and that girls should have a chance to play.

“Although the law allows for sports to have separate teams, if you prevent a girl playing in a boys’ team (and vice versa) it may be unlawful discrimination” (“Play by the Rules”).

“The issue of girls and boys wanting to play in each other’s teams may arise occasionally. This isn’t a concern when children are young, but it can become more complex as players approach adolescence and differences in physiology and ability begin to emerge” (“Play by the rules”).

Many sports allow boys and girls to play on the same teams

Blake Winkley
Period: 5

Girls Should be Allowed to Play on Boys Sports Teams
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