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This is a speech presentation that we (will&jenna) plan to present to the class

Jenna Meadows

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Superwholock

Doctor Who is one of the fandoms that is in the "big three" trilogy of Tumblr fandoms called
As for the other two within the Superwholock trilogy....
Welcome to the Map Room. The TARDIS brought us here.

It is where the Winchesters live currently.

The Winchesters hunt demons and all sorts of things.
Castiel came in with a bit of a bang, showing the Winchesters that there wasn't only demons below, but also angels above.

So now you have been introduce to Supernatural and Doctor Who...
Now it is time we present consulting detective Sherlock Holmes...
Sherlock may not look as impressive as you think... but he is actually one of the most intelligent people in the universe.

He is a consulting detective, the only one in the world. He works in partnership with Doctor John Watson.

Sherlock is a self-proclaimed high-functioning sociopath...
Looks like this from the outside....
The TARDIS belongs to this man.
Instead of dying, he regenerates.
Combined, they are Superwholock.
Something with a lot of fan art

And some fan trailers that one could easily mistake for being real.
Sherlock puts the "lock" in Superwholock.
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