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The Great Debate

Information/background about the "Math War"

thomas rubeling

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Great Debate

The Great Debate
The "Back to Basics" Movement
The "Reform" Movement
Who's Right????
Who's Wrong???
Who influences policy?
Let's dig a little deeper.......
History of the movement........
Where each side.....
and what has resulted
from this debate.......
Take 15 minutes to read the article. Focus on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your argument....... "Reform" or "Back to Basics? Then form groups of 4 to discuss. Be prepared to share your findings.
The Common Core/
CCSS for Math
Working with a
partner, examine the
CCSS and discuss if it
addresses concerns
and rationale of your
viewpoint? Be prepared
to share out.
Goal is to develop a stronger foundation for more complex math- algebra, statistics and probability and geometry
Prepare student for learning beyond HS, to compete in a global market
provide schools/districts/states with a common curriculum- high quality, educational consistency
FEWER standards, but much more depth, focused
Provides students with a strong foundation in whole number, four operations, fractions and decimals
RIGOR/COHERENCE/FOCUS-Rigor (balance between conceptual, procedural, and problem solving) (prepares students for further study beyond), coherence (meaningful structure between ideas/concepts), focus (focus at each grade level, developmentally appropriate, "Avoiding mile wide and inch deep")
CCSS moves concepts taught in later grades to earlier grade levels
Goal is to develop “mathematical understanding” at each grade level
STRONG focus Standards for Mathematical Practice- disposition developed in students
And the verdict is?
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