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Black Sunday

No description

Gene Monahan

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Black Sunday

Black Sunday
The day the Five corners Turned Black.
By: Addy Belanger

Black Sunday was when a huge black cloud of dust hit New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and
Black Sunday
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In the end this was an event that we will never forget .
Many Farmers used new ways of farming that made the soil dry up, and that lead to disaster.
When it happend
Tell me more!
How it started
On April 14 1935, every one woke up and thought the world was ending. " The cloud looked a deathlike black." Every one was scared.
You could not breath, even in the slightest of cracks the dust slipped in. some words to describe it could be, miserable, hopeless, Dirty, unforgettable, and oblivion.
After Black Sunday
After the worst of Black Sunday, people had to rebuild the town that had been destroyed, many people moved away hoping it would not happen where they are going.
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