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Copy of Services Marketing Blueprint

No description

Emily Johnston

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Services Marketing Blueprint

Re-Design Planet Beach Blueprint Front Stage Backstage Line of Visbility Time Line Make an Appointment Removal of Shoes Tour of Facilities for
First Time Customers Check-In at Spa Payment for Service Get any required Equipment Begin Spa Service Check-Out of Spa Service Standards
and Scripts Physical Evidence Line of Interaction Contact Person
(Visible Actions) Contact Person
(Invisible Actions) Line of Internal

Physical Interaction Support Processes Line of Internal

IT Interaction Response Time
Real time online updates
Script for Taking Appointment Availability of Slippers
Cleanliness of Front
Script for greeting Script for tour and
knowledge of
Time Script for checking in
Time Time
Script for Presentation of Bill
Payment Terms
Billing Format/Accuracy
Script for Acceptance of Payment Time
Availibility of Required Products
Script for required spa wear
Personal equipment stored and maintained Punctuality vs. Appointment time
Equipment in good working order and ready to use
Script for refresh of spa service instructions Sound and tone of voice
Online Booking System Slippers
Decor of Waiting room area
Employee at Front Desk Certifications
Decor of Rooms
Demeanor of Staff
Furnishings Appointment book
Sheet
Computer Records
Promotions and Prices Receipt Lotions
Storage units for lotions and eyewear Towels
Sanitized Sign
Spa Rooms with equipment
Ambiance of Rooms Accept Appointment
Clarify Spa
Treatment Choice
Confirm Name
and Time Show how devices work
Give Knowledgable information
Use Customer Names
Input Information into system Greets Customer and enters required spa information
Identify customer through picture recognition system Take card/cash
Return card
and receipt Explanation of required products
Delivering stored equipment to patrons
Providing new customers with equipment Client showed to spa room Check Availability
Record appointment
Filing of Client Information
Assessment of Eligibility for Spa Services
Picture of new client Inputting time and service into system
Check customer accounts for credits Collect info about pricing from system
Transact with Cashier
Ensure spa credits are applied properly N/A Clean equipment between customers
Refresh Towels
Maintain appointment system both online and offline Maintain slipper basket
Maintain front area Maintain rooms and cleanliness Prepare Sign-in sheets
Maintain front desk cleanliness and displays
Maintain photobook Validate credit/debit card
Maintain security
Maintain billing system Maintain products for sale
Maintaining stored equipment Maintain equipment
Maintain cleanliness Appointments Customer Records Billing
Inventory/Purchases Room Tracking Time
Attentiveness of Staff Shoes still in place
Staff at front desk Staff asking how service spa session was N/A N/A N/A Maintain Shoes in Cubbies W W W W W F F F F F F F
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