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2012 McGill Baja Marketing Presentation

No description

Maude Courcy

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of 2012 McGill Baja Marketing Presentation

AGENDA Market Analysis
Technical Specifications
Financial Analysis
Implementation Adrenaline Junkies Tourism Associations Customer Overview Adrenaline Junkies Outdoors/Sports Fanatics Tourism Associations Fast
Fun to drive
Easy to transport
Good Customer Service Safe
Space for luggage Space for equipment
Reliable & easy to repair
Easy to transport Rendering of Manufacturing Plant Boisbriand, Qc Advantages:
Near transporation facilities
Low real estate cost
Availability of trained workers
Low corporate taxes
Close to target clients Plant Layout [ Financial Analysis ] Projected Cashflows McGill Baja Racing Inc
Business Proposal Mass Production Who Are Our Customers? Hunters/Fishermen
Nature lovers
Explorers Extreme sports
Cars and motorcycles enthusiasts Remote locations
ex. Safari, Desert tours, Trail excursions Maude Courcy
Alexander Marotta Outdoors/Sport fanatics Market Expansion & Future Plans Adventures Trips Baja Racing School Baja Apprenticeship Special Editions Scientific Experimentation Future Products [ Manufacturability ] [ Technical Specifications ] [Financials] [Accelerate your returns!] [Implementation] Implementation Manufacturing Plant & Land: $ 7.5 M
Design & Development: $ 1.5 M
Marketing: $ 1 M Initial Costs Financing 10 M $ loan over 10 years at 3% interest Break-Even: 3.3 years IRR: 29% Financials Product Evolution 2008 2012 2010 2009 2011 An innovative product
on the cutting edge of technology Latest Edition
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