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A Better Way to Send Files

A short prezi comparing your current file transfer methods with FileCatalyst

Greg Pettit

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of A Better Way to Send Files

You need to send files. But how? Here's what you're doing now. Email Attachment FTP Physical media and courier! ......Seriously?! or or ...files on a disc. disc in a box. box on a plane. tracking #. ...this seems so wrong and so expensive, especially when we already have... THE INTERNET! Problem: "drat, my file is too big!" Problem: Technical. And slow. And no management. And unreliable. And... Here's what you could be doing. * (...well, you might have an intranet. But you get the idea...) * Dropping a file in a folder. Win: "All I need to do is use my files?" Dragging a file to your browser. or or - Simple two-panel destktop app
- Command line (ad hoc or script)
- Roll your own with API If those aren't right, we've got you covered: And the worst part... Problem: ...it's a courier... "Where are my files?"
"When were they sent?"
"Did they even arrive?"
"I need that file you sent last week, can you send it again?" Yuck. Win: Everyone has a browser. And that's not all: YAY! - You know where your files are.
- Notification when transfer complete.
- Visibility of every aspect of the transfer.
- Repeatable transfers with no extra hassle.
- Secure and RELIABLE. FileCatalyst is a software-only solution that maximizes transfer speeds across a WAN, while unifying and simplifying the file transfer process. To learn more, contact FileCatalyst:
or request a fully-functional trial right now:
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