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Fall Out Boy

No description

colleen long

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy
How They Started
Fall Out Boy Started out in Willmette, Illinois. Willmete is just outside of Chicago, so they just say that's where they started.
Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz were the co-founders of the band.
Their First Album
Fall Out boy's first album was Evening Out with Your Girlfriend. They don't really like it. When making it, most of the songs were written and created within two days.
Take This To Your Grave
The album cover photo was taken in the small apartment they shared, and the album was released May 6, 2003.
Fall Out Boy's Sophomore album From Under The Cork Tree was released in 2005 and had multiple hit songs on it like "Sugar We're Goin Down" and "Dance, Dance" which rocketed them to major success.
Infinity On High was released on February 5, 2007. The lyrics were, as it had always been, written mainly by Pete and the music was mostly composed by Patrick. The band drifted a bit from their "genre", using things such as R&B, Soul, and Flamenco music. they used instruments like horns, violins, and pianos which they hadn't previously used. They also featured people like Jay-Z and and Babyface on the album.
The band didn't want to release Evening Out With Your Girlfriend at all, but it did, and in 2005, after their album From Under The cork Tree, Uprising Records released a remastered issue of the album without the bands consent and the band didnt get anything from it
My Heart Will Always be
the b-side to My Tongue.
It was released on May 8, 2004, and was an EP, not a full album.
The CD came with a special bonus DVD, which told about the bands history, had two music videos, and an acoustic performance.
Sugar We're Going Down was #9 on the Billboard Top 100 for two weeks.

The album was in the top 20 for 14 weeks.

The album and songs won several awards.

The album went double platinum, counting only sales in the U.S.

It debuted #1 on the Billboard Top 100, and #1 in New Zealand

It was in the Top 5 fir 5 other countries worldwide including the UK, Australia, and Canada

The album went Platinum

Four of the songs on the album had been released as singles, including "This Ain't A Scene Its An Armsrace" which reached #2 on Billboard.

Folie A Deux
From Under The Cork Tree
Infinity ON HIgh
Folie a deux means a mental illness, normally delusions and hallucinations, that ends up being shared by two people because they're very close.
There were many people who either loved or hated the album, and the band got a lot of hate from those who didn't like it, saying they had "changed" and were "sellouts" and more of stuff like that.
It was released on December 8. 2008, after they changed the date because of wanting avoid conflicts considering the Presidential election.
The album went to #8 on the Billboard 200

The single fro the album, "I Don't Care" reached #21 on the Billboard Top 100.

After Folie A deux Fall Out Boy went on and indefinite hiatus. ;-;
The Hiatus
On May 27, 2009, Pete Wentz tweeted out, "fob fans whove stuck it out pay attention tonight". Fall Out Boy then went on an "indefinite hiatus". There were so many fans who were crushed and sad at the announcement, and each member soon went into doing their own thing. The band had said they needed a break because they had been with eachother constantly for 8 years and it wasn't like they wanted to hang out and write together anymore, they had to. Others, such as fans and critics put some of the blame on Pete Wentz's ex Ashlee Simpson for causing the hiatus. They secretly created an album "Save Rock and Roll" while denying the fact they were coming back, until they released a picture of the them standing around a fire burning records. Fall Out Boy had come back after four years, on February 4, 2013.
Save Rock ANd Roll
Fall Out Boy's latest album is Save Rock and Roll. They created it entirely in secrecy and denied that they were making it when asked, saying they were still on hiatus at the time.
It has 11 songs, and multiple people featured on the songs.

Elton John does the song Save Rock and Roll with them. 2 Chainz appears in My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark. Big Sean raps on The Mighty Fall. Foxes is featured in Just One Yesterday, and Courtney Love is in the song Rat a Tat.
The entire album has a music video to go with it, creating a series they named as "The Youngblood Chronicles"
The Grand Finale of the music videos is going to be released on May 21, and a CD of all the videos is going to be released soon after.
The song writing and lyrics were more collaborative among all the members fro this album, since that was a reason for tension causing the hiatus.
It was #1 on Billboard Top 200

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (a single from the album) went triple platinum
Patrick Stump
Patrick was born on April 27, 1984 in Willmete, Illinois.

Pete Wentz
Pete was born in 1979 on June 5th
He owns Clandestine Industries, a fashion company
He's written two books.
The first book, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side was written based off of nightmares he had as a kid.
The second book he wrote os called Gray
Gray is about fame and whats its like to be known as certain things, and the toll it takes on people, mostly shown by example in himself.
Pete had been married to Ashlee Simpson They had been married from May 17, 2008 to November 22, 2011, and in that time they had a kid named Bronx
Pete is now with Meagan Camper
(kentucky derby 2014)
They're not married yet, but they are going to be, and they're also having a kid.
Pete's Dark days
In 2005, before From Under The Cork Tree was released, Pete was really depressed. Adding to being depressed, he's bipolar and he actually tried to kill himself with his medication sitting alone in a Best Buy parking lot. The only reason he was saved was because he was so delusion that he ended up calling his manager, who called his mom. and was then taken to the hospital.
His father was a folk musician so music was all he considered he would ever go into doing as a career.
His last name, Stump, originally had an h at the end but he got rid of it because of pronunciation

One of the first bands he was in was called "Public Displays Of Infection"
He was forced to learn guitar for fall out boy because an early guitarist quit before a tour
He apparently missed his prom to go to a FOB gig
He got married to Elisa Yao in September, 2012 and they're still married..
Andy Hurley
Pete had multiple piercings all over until he removed them in his early 20's
He's the drummer of Fall Out Boy
He became the permanent drummer when they made Take This To Your Grave
He was born May 31, 1980, in Wisconsin
During the hiatus, he continued in music releasing a solo album called "Soul Punk"
As well as an EP called "Truant Wave"
On both he sang, played all the instruments, and wrote everything.
During the hiatus Pete was in a band called The Black Cards
He owns Decaydance records
He owns a bar called Angels and Kings
He hosts a Tv show called Best Ink
During the hiatus, he formed a band called The Damned Things with JOe Trohman
He's straight edge and vegan and has been since he was 16
He's the only member of the band that's still single c:
He's progressively gotten more and more tattoos as time past, and now his entire upper body has tattoos
Joe Trohman
He was born on Spetember 1, 1984
During the hiatus he was a part of The Damned Things with Andy
He's the guitarist of Fall Out Boy
he was born in Hollywood, Florida, but his family moved to the Chicago are with him
He and Pete went to school together
He is married to Marie Wortman since Ocotber 28th, 2011
His baby girl Riby was born April 25, 2014
When Patrick auditioned, he auditioned to be a drummer. Pete heard Patrick singing one day though and encouraged him to be the singer and if he hadn't Patrick says he never would have become the musician he is
Andy HUrley, the drummer had not yet joined the band when the album was made.
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