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17-18 Bible 6 Unit 2: God's Redemptive Story

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peter lee

on 11 November 2018

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Transcript of 17-18 Bible 6 Unit 2: God's Redemptive Story

God's Redemptive Story
Ephesians 1:7
In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace

1. Purpose and problem of sin
5. Promise 4: The blessing to ALL the world.
3. The Promise 2: Land

4. The Promise 3: A Great Nation
2. Promise 1: The promise to Abraham
In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
John 1:1

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
Romans 3:23

1. Sin separates us from God
2. Physical death
3. Spiritual death
*Adam and all his descendants
are now sinner
Purpose of man's existence
God created man with:
1. Ability to think so he can know God
2. Ability to feel so he can know and love God
3. Free will to choose to Love God or not
*He designed us to have a relationship
Genesis 3:5
God's solution to the problem is to send a Savior who would pay the death penalty of sin and deliver us from satan, sin, and death. "crush his heal"
Genesis 4:
Cain & Abel
FIRST death.
They inherited sin.
Noah's Ark

Sin Problem
Sin spreads to all man kind and evil is in their hearts. God grieves and rids the earth of evil and starts over with a flood. God provides one way of salvation. He then spreads all mankind all over earth so that we may know and worship Him. Genesis 6-8
Tower of Babel
Man disobeys God and tries to make his own way to Him. We must come to God through His way. God changes the language and scatter man all over the earth.
Through Israel:
1. God will send a deliverer
2. God gave his Bible to the world.
3. God was going to preserve true knowledge of himself to the world
Important Points:
1. God's love for mankind
2. Passover/Jesus
3. Progression of the promise
Promise - Covenant
What are the promises?
1. People
2. Land
3. Nation
4. Blessing
Sign from God:
Abraham's descendants will be slaves in a wealthy country and they will be delivered after 400 years of slavery. They will become a great country.
Important notes:
1. A man, a plan, and a promise. God finally puts a plan in place to bring forth a deliverer from the fall of adam and eve. He decides to use one man and his family to deliver the entire world

2. God's desire to amend the broken relationship with mankind. Restoration process.
Isaac & Jacob, 12 Tribes of Israel, 400 years in Egypt
Isaac: Genesis 22
*Son is finally born. God keeps his promise to use abrahams descendants to grow a mighty nation

*God renews His promise with Isaac

*Isaac is a picture of Christ that we must come to Christ through faith.

Jacob: Genesis 28 & 35
*God renews his promise and changes his name to Israel (means: one that wrestled with God)

*God gives visions how a deliverer would come to save all mankind.

12 Tribes of Isreale - Joseph (Judah): Genesis 37
God used Joseph and famine
to raise a great nation from Egyptian slavery of the
Abraham's descendants
400 years of slavery
Exodus 3 - 38
*3 to 4 millions slaved

*God punishes Egyptians
with plague

*God gives the Jewish
people great wealth
The Law: Preparation to make a nation. A lawful socieity
Israel wanders as deliberate disobedience to God's ways
Israel invades and occupies the land of Canaan. God promised them as their blessing.
Everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Promise and plan. Man needs God, we can not live without Him.
Deliberate disobedience results in punishment. God is faithful to His promises, even when we are not.
People, Land, Nation
Last prophet who brought
unity to the 12 tribes
Israelite's doesn't want God as their leader, but want a real human king to rule over them
King Saul:
Looked the part (handsome and strong), but was disobedient and did not have a soft heart towards God
King David:
Chosen by God, and had a soft heart that was quick to repent and get right with God. God promised to bring a Savior to the world through his family. When King David ruled, it was the greatest nation in the world.
King Solomon:
Was only half-hearted towards God. He was obedient at first, but fell away from all the worldy temptations
Israel & Judah - Divided nation.
Israel forgets God's promises and
begins to worship other gods.
God sends messengers to warn them about their sin, but they refuse to listen to God, so, they go into slavery and becomes a divided country.
God sends them many prophets to remind them of his promise to deliver them.
God never changed, He kept His promise.
God is Holy nd must separate himself from Sin and punish sin.
Man is a sinner and needs God and cannot save himself.
In order to be a Sincere follower of God (Jesus), one must come by faith in the promise and deliverance to save us.
Although God was silent, many critical things happen during this period to prepare the way of the fulfilment of the Promise of deliverance that dated back all the way to Adam and Eve an Abrham.
The deliverer has finally come, His name is Jesus Christ, the son of God
*Jesus took the death penalty for us
*He paid our sin consequence in full
*He was separated from God and rose again
*Jesus defeated sin, satan, and death
*Those that come by faith, and we can receive the son of God as our Lord and Savior
*Fellowship with God is restored. Jesus made the way by bridging our way to God
*Jesus words,deaths,and resurrection points to who He was, the savior of all mankind.
*God is Holy and must punish sin.
Sin was paid in full through the death and resurrection of Jesus
*Man is a sinner and needs a savior. He cannot save himself.
*God is merciful and desires
fellowship and reconciliation

I will go and prepare a place for you and will RETURN
To go and tell the world about the good news of Jesus Christ. The deliverance of Sin and in this world and eternal life.
Through the church (GSIS):
*God will give his message of Love and salvation.
*God will preserve His message through the Bible
*God is no longer just using one family (Abraham & Israel),but ALL of us to go and bring peace and eternal life to the world.
God's message spreads to the world
Second coming of Christ
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