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Ohio ETech

45 minutes

Kristin Kipp

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Ohio ETech

Teaching in the Education Frontier Exploring Online Teaching and Learning
National Online Teacher of the Year 2011
Full-time online English teacher and instructional coach Emails (50+ per day) Grading Course development Parent phone calls Text messaging Attendance Staff meetings ...plus non-traditional skills Discussion boards Knowledge of Digital Tools Other Diversified Roles:
Course developer
Course reviewer
Administrator Hands-on Experience Full-time Online Teacher Content knowledge Creating a digital teacher Policy Issues that
Impact Online Teachers Seat time requirements
Teacher evaluation policies
Funding requirements that limit flexibility Allow Room for
Experimentation Just like a traditional teacher... Connect to content Connect to
teacher Connect to each other Non-Googleable assignments
Assignments require critical thinking
Every unit includes student choice In-depth facilitated discussions
Live sessions and tutoring
Group projects
Peer review In-depth feedback
High expectations
Relationship building
Multiple roles Course Philosophy Groups Wikis Literature
Circles Editing Weekly
Discussions Lab
partners Editor's
Toolbox Research
project Novel
wrap-up Finals Student
webfolio Self assessment paper Collaborative
Projects Kristin Kipp Jeffco's Virtual Academy
Home-based position
Regular teacher contract
Book coming out June Education consulting
Course Development
Professional Development
Blog at EducationFrontier.org Standards-based
lesson planning Professional
development Student
Intervention Student
phone calls Digital tools Webinars Coach
Time-management Guru
Life Coach Online Voice Hands-on
experience Digital Tool Proficiency Content Knowledge Creating A Digital Teacher Other Diversified Roles:
Course developer
Course reviewer
Administrator Does it really work? Kristin Kipp Blog: EducationFrontier.org
303-301-4638 Reaching Digital Natives Course Tour Not Time Bound Not Geography Bound Increase Opportunity for Shy or Slow Students Benefits of Digital Collaboration Marc Presnsky, 2001 Where to begin?
Digital Learning Day 2012
February 1, 2012 Seeing the Tools in Action:
Course Tour Completely Face to Face Completely Online Hybrid (cc) image by jantik on Flickr F2F instruction
enriched by
digital tools Continuum of Blended Learning Options Some seat time replaced by online instruction Course lives
fully in a digital space Class Variables on a Digital Spectrum Class Discussion Completely
Digital Completely
Face to Face Seat Time Teacher Communication Student Collaboration Grading Class Discussion Assessment Assignments Questions to Consider:
Personal Preference
Course Content
Available Tools Types of Digital Content Discussions
Digital Lecture
Collaborative Assignment Discussion Video Some Many Few Collaboration is key Assignment Lecture Elements combined according to your needs Course Tour
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