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11 Birthdays

No description

Audra B.

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of 11 Birthdays

By: Audra Bennet 11 birthdays Characters Amanda Ellerby Leo Fitzpatrick Kylie Ellerby Angelina D'Angelo Stephanie Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick Amanda Ellerby- Main character
Leo Fitzpatrick- Amandas x-bestfriend
Angelina D'Angelo- the only person that knows
Kylie Ellerby- Amandas older sister
Stephanie- Amandas new best friend
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick- Leos parents
Mr and Mrs. Ellerby- Amanda and Kylies parents
Emma and Tracy Becker- good friends of Amanda Amanda and Leo have been friends forever and then they get into a fight the day before their 11th birthday and so they decide that they are going to have seperate parties for the first time ever. Amanda had a hollywood theamed birthday party and only her new best friend Stephanie was the only one who showed up. At leos party he had it ALL he had a hypmatist, a famous football player, a giant iguana, and a rock band. she couldnt wait for her birthday to be over theres just on problum the next day was her birthday all over again. Leo Fitzpatrick is Amanda's x-best friend. They have been friends with Amanda since the beginning. ever since they were one years old. until they got into a fight the day before their birthday that cost them everything. to bad you only turn 11 once....Right? Wrong! well for Leo and Amanda its is anyway they have to deal with their 11th birthday over and over again Angelina is the only person that knows about amanda and leo adn how their birthday keeps repeating. but its hard for her to remember because everyday she wakes up with veryone else thinking that its the day of leo and amandas birthday so amanda has to explain whats going on everyday so shes doesnt feel alone until she finds out that her x-best friend leo is having the same thing ha[pen to him Kylie Ellerby is Amnda's older sister she doesnt know alot about her sister and her friend leo's situation because everyone wakes up thinking that today is the day of their birthday even though for amanda and leo it is 11 days after Stephanie is amandas new best friend. But she has no idea whats going on with her and leo becasue amanda doesnt like to take the time to explain to her everyday like she does with Angelina only because she doesnt feel like telling her because she doesnt want to explain it twice. Leo's parents have absolutely no idea whats going on with them. He wont tell them because he's scared they might bring him to the looney bin and he will end up having this life for the rest of his life and he doesnt want that Mr and Mrs. Ellerby Amanda's parents have absolutely no idea whats going on with them. she wont tell them because she's scared they might bring her to the looney bin with leo and she will end up having this life for the rest of her life and she doesnt want that at all she doesnt want to spend her life with leo.
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