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Cate( call and text eraser)

No description

princess peach

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Cate( call and text eraser)

Alley Houghton
3rd period
10/18/12 Cate(call and text eraser) why do people want it? what else about the technology and what do i think about it? when did it come out? Interesting facts This technology works by hiding call and contacts and can also delete text messages and calls just by shaking the phone. People buy this app to get privacy and some use it to cheat on their husbands or wives with out getting caught. This app was available at the app store September 26, 2012 The technology is an app you use to keep text messages,calls and contacts a secret. You can automatically delete everything just by shaking the phone. I don't like this app because I don't like cheaters and this app just makes it easier on them not to get caught. I probably wouldn't download this app ,because I have nothing to hide. This app was on a well known show called Shark Tank and a man that brought it up wanted 50,000 dollars for 5 percent of his company. This technology is an app you can purchase
at the app store for $4.99 to hide messages and calls from people. What is it? how does it work?
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