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Playground Rules

No description

Jenny Inman

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Playground Rules

How to stay safe and have fun on the playground
Oliveira Playground Rules
Stay in designated areas: stay behind the red lines
Stay in the eyesight of yard duties. Ramps, hallways, and areas past red lines are out off limits.
Be mindful of classes that are in session while you are at recess.
Bathrooms are NOT play areas!
Stay in the eyesight of adults
Toys and/or electronic devices are not allowed at school or on the school bus.
Balls are to be kicked on the field only
Footballs are to be used in the field only. Tackle football is not permitted.
Red playground balls may be thrown in open areas. Basketballs may be thrown in basketball courts. All other objects are not to be thrown
Playground Equipment Guidelines
Take turns on all equipment
Slide feet first on your bottom down the slide
Count to 20 slowly to get your turn on a swing
Stop the swing completely before getting off. Swings go BACK and FORTH, not SIDE to SIDE or AROUND in CIRCLES.
Hang from the bars: do not sit on, stand, flip, or do fancy drops.
ONE PERSON on monkey bars at a time: Go in ONE direction.
Oliveira is a "TAG FREE" campus!
No balls are allowed in the tan bark
Game Rules
Four Square
The ball may only bounce once in each square
If the ball hits the line, the person who hit the ball is out
A person may refuse a bad serve
No catching the ball
Wall Ball
The ball must bounce once then hit the wall
The ball cannot bounce more than once
Players cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds
Only hands may touch the ball
Players must stay out of the way of the ball

ONLY red playground balls may be used
General Guidelines
- A snack may be eaten at recess and must be eaten while sitting on a bench: There is no eating on the playground
- Students are to FREEZE when the bell rings, holding all equipment, and walk to class when the whistle blows.
- Climbing is for the playground only. Do not stand or climb on benches, tables, trees, or buildings.
- The ramp by the science lab and room , the space by the portables, and hallways are OFF LIMITS during recess
Tether Ball
A student is OUT if he/she:
- Touches the rope
- Catches the ball
- Crosses the center line
- Uses the pole to get to the ball
- Hits the ball with anything other than his/her hand
- Keep hands, feet, and mouth to yourself at all times. No inappropriate touching or embracing is allowed, and no rough housing (picking each other up wrestling, etc).
Rules are in place to keep you safe. If you choose to break the rules and put yourself in danger:
Multiple reminders will result in further consequences including parent contact, office referrals, or lost recess time.
If you need to be reminded of the rules, a yard duty or teacher may decide to have you sit out for a period of time for breaking the playground rules
General Equipment Guidelines
Be safe. Have fun!
All players must play by the rules agreed on at the beginning of the game.
POSITIVE BEHAVIOR will be rewarded!
You may hang from the bars with your HANDS only- you may not sit or stand on the pull up bars.
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