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Persuasive Prezi

No description

Nolan Schmidt

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Prezi

Too Much Homework!!!!! Stance: I believe that too much homework is given in High School and that teachers do nor give the students enough time in class to complete the assignment. Opposition: 1. If more homework is given students will be smarter

2. If more work is given students will be ready for the outside world

3. Students will be ready for a job if they are given more homework. Support Stance: 1. If more homework is given that doesn't mean the student will do it.

2.It gives students more stress at school and at home.

3. Students will show hatred toward teachers

4. Parents get angry at the student if the assignment is not completed.

5. Teachers will be angry with many students if the homework is not completed.

6. Students will not have time to hang out with friends because of homework.

7. Students are drawn away from family because of homework.

8. Students are more likely to show bad behavior at school and at home.
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