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Sleep Module

College Life Module

Christine Nowik

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Sleep Module

SLEEP Today's Objectives Why is sleep important? If you said What happens when people don't get enough sleep? Substance Use Stress
Environmental Factors
24/7 lifestyle
Changes in nutrition and exercise Why are college
students at risk? Trockel, Barnes, and Egget (2000):
The biggest influence on GPA was the time of waking. How can you improve your sleep habits? Examine your sleep chart in a small group. Note the following:
When did you wake up on most days?
How did you feel when you woke up early vs. later?
Does your time of waking influence your bed time, nap tendencies, or altertness?
What insight can you gain from examining your waking time? Keep a regular schedule
Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed
Avoid smoking
Get regular exercise
Attempt to wake up naturally Educate: The importance of sleep
Present: Link between sleep and academic achievement
Provide: Tools for improving sleep List Sleep Plan Set a sleep/wake time for each day.
Try to be consistent.
Commit to your schedule for two weeks,
then reassess! a. Repairs the body
b. Helps the cardiovascular
c. Reduces stress
d. Improves memory
e. Controls weight
f. Reduces chance of diabetes
g. Reduces mood disorders
Then you are correct! Irritability
Inability to concentrate
Memory loss
Impaired judgment
Mental/Physical Health issues
And possibly death
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